April 21, 2008

Mark Cohen Of Recreate '68 And Mark Silverstein Of The ACLU Talk DNC Protests On Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!

From the transcript (video of the full segment):
MARK COHEN: Thank you, Amy. We plan to have a massive presence during the Democratic National Convention in August. We will be having a number of major demonstrations, including on the Sunday, the day before the convention begins, what will probably be the biggest antiwar march and rally that Denver has seen at least since Vietnam. We’re also working with some of the major immigrant rights groups to, on the Tuesday, have what we think will be a very large immigrant rights march and rally.

But we’re not only involved in protest activities. We’re also staging what we’re calling the Festival of Democracy, which will be a five-day event in downtown Denver, during which we will have trainings, workshops, teach-ins, and provide people the opportunity to come together and learn about alternatives to the two-party system, solutions that communities can provide to their own problems. We’re also, during that, going to have a 24/7 free health clinic, legal services, two feedings a day in cooperation with Food Not Bombs and other services for the community.

AMY GOODMAN: And who is “we”?

MARK COHEN: We are Recreate ’68, which is a group of local Denver activists. We began planning for the Democratic National Convention actually before we found out that Denver had been given the convention. It looked like a fairly certain thing. So we’ve been planning for about a year and a half now. We’ve been talking with the city to try to ensure that people’s First Amendment rights would be protected during the convention. We’ve been working with national organizations, among them United for Peace and Justice, CODEPINK and others, as well as numerous Colorado organizations, to prepare for this event, to try to use the attention and the excitement and the energy generated by this major event to kind of kick organizing in Denver up to another level.
Not much "new" information, but the rumor of a 1-mile radius security perimeter around Pepsi Center is still circulating--and is the cause of much consternation for the protestors at Recreate '68 and the ACLU, who are demanding the city reveal security plans as early as possible (unlikely).

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