January 31, 2007

Blizzard Of Criticism For Hickenlooper Over Snow Removal

Persistent cold weather and frequent snowfall are to blame for the seeming lack of progress in battling side-streets encrusted with icy ruts several inches deep, not the city, says Mayor "No Longer Teflon" John Hickenlooper.

The mayor's reelection in May could feature this slogan--"Don't pick on Hick, he didn't make it snow!"

Too bad Denver is so far to left that there is no viable Republican or independent candidate to challenge Mayor Hickenlooper. In fact, just imagine the outcry if Hick were a Republican!

As of February 1, the city promises updates on snow/ice removal around the city.


Bob Schaffer Still "Undecided" On 2008 Senate Run

ColoradoPols claims the scoop on Schaffer's expected run, but Schaffer himself says "there's plenty of time" for a decision:
Fort Collins resident Bob Schaffer flew to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to meet with politicos but said he hasn't decided whether to run for Senate in 2008.

Reached on his cell phone as he changed planes, Schaffer, a Republican, said he planned to have dinner with senators and meet with "political folks" during his trip.

The political blog Colorado Pols reported Tuesday that Schaffer had decided to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Loveland Republican Sen. Wayne Allard, who earlier this month said he wouldn't seek a third term because of a pledge he made to voters to serve only two terms. Schaffer said he hadn't yet made the call.

"There's not a campaign yet, and I don't know if there will be," Schaffer told the Coloradoan. "I'm just doing a lot of assessing right now."

After Allard's announcement, Schaffer told the Coloradoan he was inundated with calls but that he wouldn't rush to a decision.

"There's plenty of time," Schaffer said Tuesday.
ColoradoPols would be better served if it revealed at least some evidence for the claim other than speculation and the rather obvious fact that a Schaffer run, while not set in stone, is widely expected. Hardly a scoop of any earth-shattering significance.

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Gisele Bundchen Turns Down Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez

Non-moonbat supermodel Gisele Bundchen reveals just how highly lowly regarded Hugo Chavez is outside of Venezuela (h/t Publius Pundit via Gateway Pundit):
AMERICANS aren't the only ones repulsed by bloviating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen was in Rio de Janeiro last Friday on the same day the Marxist strongman was in town for the Mercosur summit. According to Brazil's Glamurama magazine gossip Anderson Antunes, "Once Chavez learned that Gisele was in town, he told his people he would like to meet her, but Gisele declined." Apparently, Bundchen decided the meeting would be "too publicized and Chavez is not a very popular politician outside of his country." A rep for Bundchen declined comment.
Dictators--always misunderstood.

Can't a strongman catch a break?

I guess the maverick Marxist will be left to comfort himself with this:


January 30, 2007

Moonbat Bloggers To Gather At 2008 Denver Democratic Convention

Oh goodie, the Nutroots/tinfoil-hatters will invade Denver:
ProgressNowAction and America’s top progressive blogger—Markos Moulitsas, founder of DailyKos.com--have teamed up to convene ProgressCon2008, a national convening of bloggers, internet organizers and non-profit leaders during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, August 25-28, 2008.

“The Convention is coming to our hometown of Denver and we're teaming up with Markos to host our friends in the progressive community in style,” stated Bobby Clark, Deputy Director of ProgressNowAction, Colorado’s largest online progressive organization.

ProgressNow's offices in the state-of-the-art Alliance Center are perfectly situated in the lower downtown area of Denver, an easy walk to both the Pepsi Center and Colorado Convention Center--the two venues that will house most of the Democratic Convention activities.

“We're already making plans for this location to serve as a headquarters away from home for progressive bloggers, netroots organizers, and non-profit representatives from across the country,” stated Clark.
Bringing the fever-swamp to LoDo--along with the Anarchist's "Recreate '68"--are the only downsides to the Democratic invasion of Denver next August.


Five Myths About Urban Sprawl And America's Dependence On Cars

1. Americans are addicted to driving.

2. Public transit can reduce traffic congestion.

3. We can cut air pollution only if we stop driving.

4. We're paving over America.

5. We can't deal with global warming unless we stop driving.
No. No. No. No. No.

Read it all.


Go Ahead, "Make My Day Better"

Why shouldn't law-abiding citizens have a reasonable expectation of safety in their own vehicles or at their place of business?:
Starting this week a state bill seeking to give protection from prosecution to people who use deadly force while protecting themselves at a business or in a vehicle will be debated.

It is called the “Make My Day Better” bill. The sponsor is State Representative Cory Gardner.

"Why should our ability to protect ourselves from harm be any different in our business or vehicle than it is in our home?” asked Gardner.

Gardner says the bill seeks to extend the protection given to people under the “Make My Day” law which is already on the books. According to that law, a person who has a reasonable belief that their life or their family’s life is in danger is justified to use any force necessary, including lethal force. That law deals with the domain of a person’s house only. Gardner’s bill seeks to extend that to businesses and cars.

“We need to stop treating victims like criminals,” Gardner said.
Democrats object to the possibility of an increase in vigilante justice, though it is more likely that they simply don't want to further extend gun rights (the main form of protection used in "deadly force"). On the other hand--
One thing Gardner and Fitz-Gerald agree on is the need for input from district attorneys and law enforcement.
The input from these groups is not only prudent, but welcome on the bill, and would certainly help to increase the type of fact-finding necessary to make the argument for the bill that much stronger. No doubt the potential for "deadly force" as a deterrent would increase if the law was extended to one's business and vehicle.


Tancredo Nixes 3rd-Party Candidacy

Tancredo has no plan to run as anything but a Republican:
"From the beginning, we've had no intention to run as a third-party candidate, ever, and we'll never consider that because he's a Republican, period," said T.Q. Houlton, spokesman for the newly formed Tancredo for a Secure America Exploratory Committee.
The potential for a repeat of 1992 when Republicans were split by the candidacy of Ross Perot, or 2000 when Ralph Nader siphoned off votes from Al Gore, is always a distinct possibility. Tancredo realizes that his underdog status in the Republican Party would give his issue more visibility than running as an ignored 3rd-party candidate. Tancredo still believes that a core group of Republicans in the House still feel the same way about immigration, and severing ties and campaigning in 3rd-party guise would not help the cause in any significant way.


January 29, 2007

Allard Investigates Vandalism At Capitol During Protest

Protestors spray-painted graffiti on the Capitol during Saturday's protest as police watched. Sen. Wayne Allard expressed his outrage and seeks answers as to why Capitol police were pulled back and no arrests were made:
Sen. Wayne Allard has demanded a meeting with U.S. Capitol Police Chief Phillip Morse after reports officers were ordered not to interfere with anti-war protesters who spray-painted graffiti on the historic west front steps of the capitol building on Saturday.

Tens of thousands of anti-war demonstrators descended on Washington, D.C., over the weekend, and most of their march went off peacefully. But near the end of the march, a small number of protesters reportedly broke from the group and approached the Capitol building, spray-painting graffiti on the historic west front steps.

Allard, ranking Republican on the appropriations subcommittee that oversees the Capitol complex, sent a letter to Morse on Monday, saying he was "dismayed," demanding a full report and explanation for a lack of arrests.

"The media have reported that U.S. Capitol Police were given specific instructions to not interfere with or confront these actions," Allard wrote. "It is my understanding protesters were allowed to spray paint the Capitol steps and deface buildings around the area while Capitol Police were instructed to not arrest anyone engaging in these unlawful acts."

"On a day when thousands came to Washington, D.C., to exercise their First Amendment rights, the actions of a select few have tarnished their efforts by defacing the United States Capitol and several other government buildings," Allard wrote. "I am disgusted by these actions, and lack of efforts to protect public property."
Peaceful protesting is one thing. Defacing public property--the Capitol no less--with graffiti is both unlawful and unwarranted. Captain Ed thinks resignations are in order.


Tom Tancredo--"David vs. Goliath"

"Yes, it's David and Goliath. There's no two ways about it," he said. "But you know what? David won."


January 25, 2007

Snow Joke--Denver's Wintry Weather

Beginning with the blizzard on Dec. 20 and continuing through this weekend, Denver will experienced 6 consecutive weekends of snowy, cold weather. Many around the country think of Denver as some sort of icebox; that, given its altitude and proximity to ski country, the city must be buried under feet of snow each winter. Those who have lived here know that that perception--stoked by the ski industry and no doubt fueled by snowy Denver Broncos games--is not true, and certainly has not been for the past few winters. It is true that Denver is susceptible to the sort of upslope blizzards that make the news and bury the Front Range under several feet of snow. It is also true that this snowfall, as it did in October '97 or March '03, often disappears within a few days. Winter sports enthusiasts still enjoy the powder in the mountains, while in Denver chinook winds and bright, sunny days rapidly melt the most recent storm.

This year, not so much:
Snow on the ground is a weather variable measured by meteorologists, defined as being at least 1 inch of snow depth at the time of observation. This includes both new and old snow, and should be reported even on days with no precipitation.

Typically, it's something we don't have to worry about too much in Denver or on the eastern plains. Snow from a storm at any time of the year will last anywhere from a few days to about a week.

But this year, we stand to break a record if this snowy, cold weather pattern doesn't break soon.

The following list shows the 10 longest streaks with consecutive days of snow cover in Denver, and where the current season ranks.

63 days -- Nov. 26, 1983 -- Jan. 27, 1984
60 days -- Dec. 1, 1913 -- Jan. 29, 1914
48 days -- Dec. 24, 1985 -- Feb. 9, 1983
43 days -- Dec. 19, 1973 -- Jan. 30, 1974
39 days -- Nov. 21, 1992 -- Dec. 29, 1992
38 days -- Dec. 24, 1987 -- Jan. 30, 1988
36 days -- Dec. 21, 2006 -- (present and counting)
35 days -- Jan. 2, 1949 -- Feb. 5, 1949
33 days -- Dec. 17, 1918 -- Jan. 18, 1919
27 days -- Jan. 28, 1989 -- Feb. 23, 1989

Denver has already climbed into 7th place this year and isn't too far from being in the top 5. With more cold and snow in the forecast, there is a chance we will even challenge the top 3 places.
It might be the Gore effect, though I don't recall the Gorebot in Denver anytime in the past few weeks.

Appropriate for Denver this winter:


Thanks To Blizzard/Low Gas Prices, SUVs Are Back

Because this--

is no match for a Colorado winter.


January 23, 2007

Anarchists, Liberal Moonbats Plan DNC Massive Protest Rallies, Riots (Chicago '68 Style) For Denver

**Update--video of Glenn Spagnuolo:
The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago ignited riots, violence and arrests.

9NEWS Political Analyst Floyd Ciruli says similar problems in Denver could cause problems for a candidate supporting peace.

“If they actually do turn Denver into Chicago, there’s a very good chance they will turn off the voters,” said Ciruli. “It could be directly counterproductive to what they would like to do.”
Who could ignore the protestors in Boston in 2004, haranguing John Kerry from his left--although this sort of political grandstanding has become so common that most will simply yawn at their presence, unless things really get out of hand.

Here's their plan (via Colorado Confidential, who first broke the story):
People who log on to Web sites with such names as DenverDNC.org or 2008DenverDNC.org will find themselves directed to the site of Recreate68.org, a Web site "created for all the grassroots people who are tired of being sold out by the Democratic Party."

The site goes on to promise demonstrations that will rival those at the notorious 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, which was accompanied by street battles between police and anti-war demonstrators. There's even a form that allows out-of-town anarchists to reserve a room.

"We got the idea six months ago. We were surprised by the Democrats' lack of planning in reserving the site names. We took advantage of that. The Republican conven- tions are easy to get people to come out for. The Democratic ones are harder."
Here's the moonbat website Recreate68.org:
R-68 agrees with the proposition, POTESTAS IN POPULO, "all power comes from the people." What stands between the people and power are the party machines. The parties were devised as a means to represent the people. Today they represent nobody, not even party members, but only party bureaucracy. The people have been left without appropriate institutions for their representation. We intend to create those institutes!

Join us in the streets of Denver as we resist a two-party system that allows imperialism and racism to continue unrestrained. We will demand change by making the Democratic Convention of 1968 look like a small get together in 2008!
The list of sites purchased to redirect traffic looking for the actual DNC site:
The actual site for Denver's Democratic Convention: denverconvention2008.com

The "activists" are evasive when questioned about potential violence and destructive behavior:
Asked whether the Recreate ’68 will bring a repeat of the rioting and violence that gripped Chicago during the ’68 convention, Spagnuolo said: "That will be up to the Denver Police Department. Any violence would be at the hands of the Denver Police Department."
True to form, the police are preemptively established as the fomentors of violence, as they are probably just a bunch of "fascist pigs" anyway.

Organizers include Glenn Spagnuolo, a liberal moonbat defender of CU Professor Ward Churchill and annual Columbus Day Protestor:
"Obviously the name of the site has a message in of itself," said Spagnuolo, a well-known Colorado activist who is a key organizer of Denver’s annual protest of Columbus Day "We see a lot of parallels of what will happen in ‘08 to what happened in ’68. Forty years have passed and we still don’t have the government we need. To demonize the Republicans, and say ‘it’s all the Republicans’ fault and hold up the Democrats as the salvation to the Republicans is foolish. The Republicans couldn’t have accomplished what they did without the assistance of the Democrats."

About a dozen core organizers have been meeting for about six months in anticipation of Denver being the likely site of the convention, including a fairly "extensive" amount of outreach to African-American, Latino, Native American, anti-war, labor and civil rights activists, said Spagnuolo.

Others who have been involved in the efforts include longtime peace activists Barbara and Mark Cohen, who were plaintiffs in Denver’s famous Spy Files lawsuit after police targeted them as "criminal extremists," and Larry Hales, who has helped organize local CopWatch efforts. In addition to protesting at the convention, organizers are also envisioning a four-day "counter convention" for youth. The group plans to have its first public meeting in March, to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war.
. . .
"I don’t think the message will come down to crack skulls," he said of Denver’s ’08 convention. "We’ll try our hardest to negotiate, but we won’t be having protest zones — you can’t cage democracy."
Not that the Democrats don't deserve their share of protesting.

Holding peaceful, massive rallies is one thing--coordinating anarchists and other "activists" more interested in publicity and destruction of private property (just google any previous large gathering of moonbat protestors, starting with Seattle in '99), not to mention the waste of taxpayer money on police presence, which will be required for the Convention anyway. Unnecessary distractions for security forces, potentially hundreds of arrests, damage to businesses, blocking traffic, etc. are sure to be a part of the activists' "peaceful" plans. Protest signs, puppets, and speeches are one thing; masked hooligans (no doubt in Che gear), property damage, and riots are another.

Early estimates on the number of potential protestors--100,000--should yield at least 20,000 to 30,000 (after figuring the usual moonbat exaggeration factor of 3 or 4 times).


January 21, 2007

Latest Global Warming Hype

Another "study" alleging the connection between humans, carbon emissions, and global warming:
A long-awaited report by an international scientific team will provide the strongest evidence to date that humans are changing the planet's climate by pumping heat-trapping gases into the air, according to Boulder scientists involved in the study.

On Feb. 2 in Paris, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will summarize the key findings from its latest assessment of global climate change.

The report will discuss observed changes - retreating mountain glaciers, melting polar ice sheets, rising sea levels, and shrinking summertime arctic sea ice, for example - as well as projections for the future.

The projections are based on 23 computer climate models operated by 16 research groups worldwide.

All 23 models agree that the planet will continue to warm as levels of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping "greenhouse" gases rise in the coming decades, said William Collins of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder.

"This report will provide the most compelling evidence to date that climate is changing and that mankind is responsible for that change," said Collins, a lead author of the report's climate projections chapter.
Now the "climate change" and "global warming" advocates will have more ammunition for stifling scientific debate.


January 19, 2007

No Sh**! Doggy Doo-Doo Freedom Of Speech?

Local Democrat and "craptivist" Kathleen Ensz is in deep doo-doo:
A Colorado jury will decide soon whether one person's dog excrement is another person's free speech.

Authorities said Kathleen Ensz was so offended by repeated mailings from Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Colorado Republican, that she stuffed one of those brochures into the mail slot of the congresswoman's Greeley office wrapped around a little something extra: a dollop of doggy doo-doo.

Now Ms. Ensz, a 63-year-old retired University of Northern Colorado professor living in Greeley, is facing charges of misdemeanor "use of a noxious substance." Her attorneys, however, argue that their client was exercising her constitutional right to free speech.

"Ms. Ensz's action in returning an unwanted mailing from Congresswoman Musgrave ... with a piece of feces was expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment," Denver lawyer Patricia Bangert said in a motion filed Tuesday. The filing does not deny that Ms. Ensz put the package through the mail slot, claiming instead that the act is constitutionally protected and thus not a crime.
. . .
An active Democrat, Ms. Ensz registered her protest May 31 after receiving one mailer too many from Mrs. Musgrave's office. The owner of a German shepherd, she fetched what police called a "very nice piece of feces" from her back yard and wrapped the brochure around it, according to court documents.
Money quote:
"If she wins," said Mr. Robinson, "it'll be Halloween 365 days a year."
If she wins, Republicans can look forward to more than mudslinging when it comes to election time.

Just a thought: isn't it odd that a retired professor can't come up with something more than feces to make her point?

Gateway Pundit has the "scoop"
on the whole mess.


January 17, 2007

On Colorado's Senate Seat--Quashing John Elway Rumors, Tom Tancredo's Presidential Aspirations, And Other Musings

According to a spokeswoman, John Elway has no intention of running for the open seat held by Sen. Wayne Allard, but some are talking about a shot at the governor's mansion in 2010 against incumbent Bill Ritter. These rumors are fueled by the perception of Elway's "god-like" status in the state. Elway earned that reputation on the football field, and though some Colorado GOPers yearn for a shoo-in, he is unlikely to jump in and soil his image.
--Update: John Elway says he will not run for Senate, speaking to Denver's 850 KOA. He has not ruled out a run in the future, however.

Tom Tancredo has set his sights on the highest office in the land, and has backed former Rep. Scott McInnis. The attacks on Tancredo's presidential run have already commenced.

Speaking of McInnis, the left has already begun the mudslinging by trying to attach the "lawyer-lobbyist" moniker to him (and "McLobbyist") due to his employment at Hogan and Hartson, where failed 1996 and 2002 Senate candidate Tom Strickland now manages. Others also note the rap on McInnis who bypassed a potential 2004 run because of the fancy financial offer of the noted firm.

First backed by former Governor Bill Owens in 2004's Senate race before he switched his support to Pete Coors, former Rep. Bob Schaffer still garners much conservative backing. Though he has not commented publicly on a run, lingering sentiments that he was (wrongly) passed over in favor of the beer magnate (and subsequently defeated acrimoniously in the primary) could energize a more successful run this time around.

Other Republicans--former Gov. Bill Owens, Attorney General John Suthers, Secretary of State Mike Coffman, former Rep. Bob Beauprez, and radio talk-show host Dan Caplis have also been mentioned as potential runners. Each one has his own drawbacks, including lack of personal interest and desire to make money (Owens), recent landslide electoral defeat (Beauprez), or at this point name recognition and fundraising ability (Caplis). Both Suthers and Coffman have been recently elected to state-wide office and could run, but should Schaffer and McInnis choose to duke it out, fundraising and support for these second-tier candidates will likely disappear quickly.

First take on the Democratic field--
Rep. Mark Udall has vowed to run in 2008 whether or not Allard ran for reelection or retired, and with a large warchest would be the Democrat's front-runner. As a member of a noted political dynasty Udall will certainly garner a good deal of national attention, and would get a boost from the 2008 Democratic National Convention held here in Denver.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper--having endured a rough recent stretch with election woes and weather-related issues--will not run if Udall does.

Final Initial Analysis--
The Democrats hold an advantage in that their front-runner is unlikely to face primary opposition. This gave Gov. Bill Ritter a large advantage in 2006, as the Republican primary saddled eventual candidate Bob Beauprez with the inescapable "Both-Ways-Bob" moniker. Udall, however, does not have the same middle-of-the-road credibility that Sen. Ken Salazar and Ritter were able to use in pitching themselves to Colorado's middle--the unaffiliated independents and swing voters. Republicans will trot out his liberal voting record; Udall narrowly defeated Bob Greenlee in 1998 for the seat (less than 6,000 votes) opened by the departure of incumbent David Skaggs. Though DailyKos has Udall wrapping up this seat, but it remains to be seen how a true liberal plays state-wide.

Republicans could face an uphill battle if there is a primary characterized by the acrimony that plagued the Schaffer-Coors Senate primary in 2004 and Beauprez-Holtzman this past year. Schaffer and McInnis both have voting records to be scrutinized, though at this point Schaffer could be accurately deemed the more "conservative" of the two. Like Udall, none of these potential candidates have faced state-wide scrutiny.

For both parties the key will be fundraising; before Allard announced he would retire the seat had already garnered a reputation as the most competitive Senate seat in 2008. Estimates of $5-10 million necessary for each candidate will likely reach the higher end now that the incumbent is out. This will prove to be the most expensive Senate race in Colorado history, as the Republicans battle to retain Allard's seat with Democrats absolutely ravenous at the thought of yet another Senate pick-up.

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Democrats Have The Power

Gov. Bill Ritter will tax our patience--by solving all of Colorado's woes(?) through, you guessed it, more taxes! He will use the euphemism "investment" and of course will be doing it "for the children". Anyone out there viewing Ritter as some sort of moderate surprised that he proposes government as the only solution?

Already on the table:
--ending the death penalty
--friendly union legislation

Ritter, a Catholic, faces his first attack from Archbishop Charles Chaput for promising to restore state funding to Planned Parenthood.


In The News 1-17-06

In Germany, a Hitler Comedy Goes Over With a Thud

Jefferson's Quran: What the founder really thought about Islam

Starbucks to open new branch every fortnight for the next decade

Starbucks roasted in Forbidden City

Germany vows to erase Nazi symbols from across Europe


January 16, 2007

Global Warming? Don't Bet On It

On the probability of global warming:
So in the best case, the smartest climatologist in the world will know 100 variables, each one to an accuracy of 99 percent. Want to know what the probability of our spiffiest math model would be, if that perfect world existed? Have you ever multiplied (99/100) by itself 100 times? According to the Google calculator, it equals a little more than 36.6 percent.

The Bottom line: our best imaginable model has a total probability of one out of three. How many billions of dollars in Kyoto money are we going to spend on that chance?

Or should we just blow it at the dog races?

So all ye of global warming faith, rejoice in the ambiguity that real life presents to all of us. Neither planetary catastrophe nor paradise on earth are sure bets. Sorry about that. (Consider growing up, instead.)

That's why human-caused global warming is an hypothesis, not a fact. Anybody who says otherwise isn't doing science, but trying to sell you a bill of goods.



January 15, 2007

Tancredo Backs McInnis For Colorado's Senate Seat

Tom Tancredo is out of the running for Allard's open seat in 2008.


Colorado's Open Senate Seat--Allard Retires

A true man of his word, Sen. Wayne Allard honored his self-imposed two-term pledge. Unlike senate lifers, blowhards (they enjoy the sound of their own voices), and presidential aspirants, Allard carved out a quiet record as a citizen-legislator, unfazed by the glitz and power-politics of DC. The Rocky Mountain News offered this generous recap of Allard's legislative career:
Sen. Wayne Allard said today he will honor his term-limits pledge and leave at the end of 2008, creating a replacement fight that should turn Colorado into one of the country’s biggest electoral battlegrounds.

"I just didn't think I could back away from the (term limits) commitment. It is a matter of integrity and keeping your commitments. I have never wavered on that," Allard told the Rocky Mountain News.

Appearing with his wife, Joan, at a press conference at the state Capitol, Allard said, "The people of Colorado placed their trust in me based on a promise I made to them and I am honoring that promise. In an age when promises are cast away as quickly as yesterday’s newspaper, I believe a promise made should be a promise kept."
. . .
Allard has been more folksy than flashy during his 24 years in elective office, starting with eight years in the state Senate, six years in the U.S. House of Representatives and so far 10 years in the U.S. Senate.

"Senator Allard’s great political strength was that Coloradans could look at him and say, ‘He is like me. He works hard every day.’
And I think there’s a commonality between Coloradans and Sen. Allard that we haven’t seen many times in elected officials," said Republican consultant Dick Wadhams, who managed Allard’s Senate campaigns in 1996 and 2002.

Allard has been a champion of fiscal discipline and traditional social values. That included two unsuccessful bids to pass a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

In recent years, Allard often cast predictable, party-line votes with fellow Republicans, and he was known as one of the more reliable allies of President Bush’s White House.

Allies liked to say Allard has been a "work horse" rather than a "show horse" in Congress. Still, Time magazine in 2005 dubbed him "The Invisible Man" and one of the five "worst" U.S. Senators.

Longtime Allard chief of staff Sean Conway dismissed the ranking as "laughable," citing the senator’s accomplishments, including cutting years off the schedule for cleaning the former nuclear weapons plant at Rocky Flats; defending the state’s military installations from base closings and spearheading the investigation into sexual assaults at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Allard was the only one from the nine-member state delegation to sit on an Appropriations Committee, a strategic place for securing federal funds for the state. First-term Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Denver, already has expressed an interest in an appropriations seat, although the positions are hard to come by.

But Allard might be remembered just as much for his down-home appeal and affable manner than his legislative record.
Allard played up his roots as a veterinarian and small businessman. He bragged about being a member of the two-person Senate Veterinarian Caucus, and he sometimes examined colleagues dogs in his Senate office.
CBS4 has video of Allard's retirement speech.

Reactions to Allard's retirement--
NRSC chairman John Ensign:
“Senator Allard has served his constituents honorably over the past 15 years and has continually shown his commitment to the people of Colorado by bringing improved services and commonsense solutions to the country. He has been one of the Senate’s most dedicated legislators and will be remembered as such. I respect his decision to honor the promise he made to serve two terms in the U.S. Senate and I know that he will continue to serve the people of Colorado long after his retirement.”

“Republicans will retain the seat currently held by Sen. Allard and the NRSC will do everything in its power to ensure the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited effective government returns to the people of Colorado in November 2008. The voters of Colorado supported Pres. Bush over Al Gore in 2000 and again over Senator John Kerry in 2004 and Republican statewide registration is 36% compared to 30% for Democrats - ensuring Republicans a strong advantage in 2008. Retention of this seat is now a top priority for the NRSC.”
Senate Republicans are weeping today.
. . .
Colorado was already the Democrats' top pickup opportunity, with Allard winning his two terms with razor-thin margins and a Blue wave sweeping the Rocky Mountain state.
. . .
This will be a Democratic pickup in 2008.
The Club For Growth notes his conservative record:
Allard, who was re-elected with Club member support in 2002, will be leaving a big hole for fiscal conservatives in the Senate, having compiled a great voting record over the last 10 years. He received a 98% on the Club's 2005 scorecard, while getting eight "A's" and only one "B" on NTU's scorecard.
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Sen. Wayne Allard To Retire(?)

Candidates for Colorado's senate seat, start your fundraising (and mouth-flapping)!

The "most competitive" seat in 2008's election could be opening up. It appears Sen. Allard is honoring his term-limit pledge. From left and right, Colorado's blogosphere is already abuzz with rampant speculation and partisan bickering with players on both sides touting their own personal favorites to replace the unassuming veterinarian from Loveland.

The MSM is only announcing that Allard will reveal his decision today, but is not specific.


January 14, 2007

Indiana Jones 4--May 2008

Lost and Found--Indiana Jones 4

That's what the principals--Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas--are saying.

Plus--Indiana Jones' denial of tenure letter.


Tom Tancredo In Iowa--"Do-Or-Die"

Tancredo is weighing his options--whether to run in 2008 as a plausible, viable presidential candidate while also biding his time until Sen. Wayne Allard announces his impending retirement or reelection decision--which he has apparently already made.


January 11, 2007

Denver To Host Democratic National Convention In 2008

Update: video of press conference

Denver overcame labor pains and fundraising issues to grab the Dems' August '08 convention.

Howard Dean:
"I am delighted to announce that the city of Denver will host the 2008 Democratic National Convention," Dean said today. "I congratulate Governor Ritter, Mayor (John) Hickenlooper, Senator (Ken) Salazar and the members of the Denver Host Committee for assembling an outstanding bid that demonstrates the community's commitment to organizing a first-rate national convention that will put our nominee on the path to victory in 2008.

The convention will be held Aug. 25-28, 2008, at the Pepsi Center in lower downtown Denver.

The win is seen as acknowledgement of the growing political importance of the West on the national political stage and an unmistakable message for Colorado: help us elect the next president of the United States.

"There is no question that the West is important to the future of the Democratic Party," Dean said. "The recent Democratic gains in the West exemplify the principle that when we show up and ask for people's votes and talk about what we stand for, we can win in any part of the country. Additionally, we have a number of strong Democratic leaders in the West who will be a part of showcasing the vision of Democratic leadership for America as we introduce the next Democratic President in the Rocky Mountains."
. . .
"New York is a wonderful city but in the end, it was the strength of Denver's bid that made it the best choice," Dean said in a prepared statement released today. "From the state-of-the-art facilities to the commitment of community leaders to hosting an outstanding event, Mayor Hickenlooper and the host committee made clear that the Denver convention will be a great one. We thank the team for its hard-work during this process and look forward to working with them over the next year and a half to put on the best Democratic convention in history."
A look back at Denver's last Democratic Convention in 1908.


Allard Likes Wadhams For State Chair, Dems Have Knickers In A Knot

Sen. Wayne Allard backs his former campaign manager.

The liberals/Democrats are worried about Dick Wadhams' tactics.


January 10, 2007

Angelina Jolie: My Child Is A "Privileged Blob"

Love you too, Mom:
I think I feel so much more for Mad and Z because they're survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her... I met my other kids when they were six months old, they came with personality. A newborn really is this... yes, a blob! But now she's starting to have a personality... I'm conscious that I have to make sure I don't ignore her needs just because I think the others are more vulnerable.
"Privileged blob"? Nice touch, setting up your own daughter for eating disorders and liberal guilt for the rest of her life. As for Jolie's adopted children, they are "survivors" who are "more vulnerable" even with Lara Croft and Achilles as their guardians.

On a tip from Republican Princess.


January 09, 2007

Latino Pizza Chain Accepts Pesos

Update: video

Who's assimilating who? Coming to a Denver pizza joint near you:
A pizza chain catering to Latino customers has started accepting Mexican currency in all of its restaurants, including two in Colorado.

Pizza Patrón Inc. on Monday launched a two-month test that will allow customers to pay for their purchases with pesos. Dallas-based Pizza Patrón has locations in Aurora and Lakewood and will open at third store in Denver's Montbello neighborhood later this month.

The chain caters to Latino customers by hiring bilingual employees and listing its menus in both English and Spanish. The carry-out pizza shops also play contemporary Latino music and are brightly decorated to appeal to Latino customers.

"A lot of our customers travel regularly between the U.S. and Mexico, either to visit family or to do business, and they oftentimes have pesos left in their drawer or in their pockets," said Pizza Patrón spokesman Andy Gamm.
. . .
Experts say it's unusual to see a company operating outside a U.S.-Mexican border town accepting pesos. But Janina Calderon-Ferguson, president of Calderon Hispanic Marketing in Lakewood, called it a smart marketing move.

Even if only a small portion of Pizza Patrón customers opt to pay with pesos, its willingness to accept the currency will create significant goodwill among Latino customers, she said.

"More than being a convenience, it makes people feel like they're in Mexico to have that option. It feels like home," she said.
Yes, I'm sure the vast majority of those with leftover pesos are those who "travel regularly between the U.S. and Mexico". I have some leftover Euros and British pounds from last year, and a whole stash of Chinese renminbi from 2001, are those accepted too?

Didn't think so.

I'm sure that many Latino pizza lovers are turned off by chains like Domino's and Pizza Hut with all their "english" signage. They only feel comfortable ordering a pizza in Spanish, while feeling "like they're in Mexico"? Marketing, no. Reverse assimilation, you betcha.

Saw this first at Moonbattery, though that story only included those franchises around Dallas.


January 08, 2007

"Republicans Are Going To Win" In 2008

Says Dick Wadhams, who is officially running for Colorado GOP chairman in March.

Plus: Sen. Wayne Allard says Bush's Iraq plan is "worth a try".


January 06, 2007

Colorado Avalanche Coverage

Rescue crews carry down avalanche survivor.

More coverage here complete with avalanche slideshow:

Front end loader struggles with the avalanche's aftermath.

One of two cars swept off of U.S. Highway 40 near Berthoud Pass, Colorado.

U.S. Highway 40 has now been reopened following Saturday's avalanche:
A huge avalanche knocked two cars off a mountain pass Saturday on the main highway to one of the state's largest ski areas, shortly after crowds headed through on the way to the lifts, authorities said.

Eight people were rescued from the buried vehicles and all were taken to area hospitals, said state Patrolman Eric Wynn. Details of their conditions were not available.

"Our crews said it was the largest they have ever seen. It took three paths," Stacey Stegman of the transportation department said of the massive slide on U.S. 40 near 11,307-foot Berthoud Pass, about 50 miles west of Denver on the way to Winter Park Resort.
. . .
The avalanche hit between 10 a.m. and 10:30 and was about 100 feet wide and 15 feet deep, Stegman said. The area usually has slides 2 to 3 feet deep because crews trigger them before more snow can accumulate, said Spencer Logan of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

Three snow storms in as many weeks have dumped more than 4 feet of snow on parts of Colorado and authorities haven't had time to test all slide areas, Spencer said.

"This is a tremendous amount of snow to come down the mountain for us," Stegman said.

Mile Cikara, who was headed to Winter Park to ski, told KMGH-TV in Denver that he joined others furiously digging out victims. "I along with 30 other people grabbed shovels and started digging to get people out. I had a shovel but people were using their hands, skis, ski poles, whatever, to dig out," until rescue teams arrived, he said.

The timing meant most traffic headed to the ski area had already passed through.

"Good thing it didn't happen a couple of hours earlier," said Darcy Morse, a Winter Park spokeswoman. On an average January weekend day, the resort draws more than 10,000 skiers and snowboarders, with lifts opening at 8:30 or 9 a.m.
Home video shot while rescuers probed the snow for survivors. Raw video of the avalanche from a helicopter.


Helicopters Came For The Cattle In Colorado, But Not For The Victims Of Katrina

New Orleans (August 30, 2005) – U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Shawn Beaty of Long Island, N.Y., looks for survivors in the wake of Hurricane Katrina as he flies in an HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter over New Orleans. Petty Officer Beaty is a member of an HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter rescue crew sent from Clearwater, Florida, to assist in search and rescue efforts. Katrina, a Category 4 hurricane, came ashore at approximately 6:10 a.m. CDT near the Louisiana bayou town of Buras.--U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class NyxoLyno Cangemi

So says the left-wing moonbats at TalkLeft (which insinuates that there were no helicopters used during Katrina) and Facing South. First the stupid:
Cable TV and wire reports are pouring in about the heroic efforts to feed cattle and other livestock affected by the blizzards out West
. . .
A noble effort to be sure. It’s hard not to feel sorry for cattle stranded and starving in the snow, even if their destiny is your next cheeseburger.

But it makes you wonder where the helicopters were during Katrina? Tens of thousands of people herded into the New Orleans Superdome and Convention Center like cattle went days without food, water, or medical supplies. How hard would it have been to fly a few National Guard helicopters by to drop in some water, baby formula, and MREs?

Officials in the affected areas also say they are working frantically to restore power to thousands of people affected by the blizzards. Meanwhile, entire sections of New Orleans are still without power, water, schools or hospitals nearly a year and a half after Katrina.
Then the snark:
But don’t blame the weather. Blame the residents of Colorado and the mid-west cattle ranchers for choosing to live and work where they might be affected by blizzards and for not being prepared. Maybe it’s time to discuss whether Denver ought to just be abandoned.
The commenters at TalkLeft have already taken the moonbat to task over the "lack" of helicopters in Louisiana. Like these helicopter units from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado deployed within hours of Katrina's landfall, or the picture of the U.S. Coast Guard above.

Moonbattery has found more photos
of the helicopters that did not help the victims of Katrina. Apparently they were everywhere!


Allard Proposes Reagan Tribute

Color me skeptical about DC's temporary "bipartisanship"--code for agreeing with Democrats:
Sen. Wayne Allard is going to challenge Democrats' spirit of bipartisanship in coming months by pushing for legislation to give a Republican icon, former President Ronald Reagan, a rare, artistic honor at the U.S. Capitol.

Today, the first day Democrats held Senate majority control, Allard introduced a list of 15 bills, including one that would give Reagan, affectionately known as "the Gipper" for a 1940 movie role, a place of honor inside the Capitol, alongside the likes of former President George Washington and others.

The bill calls for adding an artistic rendering of his famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where he challenged former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down that wall." Similar legislation didn't move when Allard first introduced it last year, back when Congress was under Republican control.

Allard hopes it could move now, even with Democrats in control, because the new session began with so much talk of bipartisanship.

"Reagan appealed to both Democrats and Republicans," Allard said. "All we can do is try."
Reagan had more success bringing down Communism than Republicans will of passing pro-Reagan proposals such as this one. It is a moment, however, that should be chronicled in the history of the Presidency, and rightfully deserves a place in the Capitol.


January 05, 2007

Cartoon Protestor Found Guilty Of Stirring Racial Hatred And Soliciting Murder

Mere "slogans", "sound bites":

Muslim protestor and Cartoon rage enthusiast Umran Javed has been found guilty of soliciting murder and stirring racial hatred during protests early last year in the UK:
A British Muslim has been found guilty of soliciting murder during a London rally against cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

Umran Javed 27, of Birmingham, was also convicted of stirring up racial hatred by a jury at the Old Bailey.

Javed told a crowd of hundreds at the February 2006 protest: "Bomb, bomb Denmark, bomb, bomb USA."

He had claimed the chants against the two countries were "just slogans" and that he regretted saying them.

Remanding him in custody, Judge Brian Barker said he would not pass sentence until several other trials relating to the protest had concluded - expected to be in April.

The maximum penalty for soliciting murder is life in prison.
. . .
The Crown Prosecution Service's Sue Hemming said she was mindful of the rights to free speech when considering cases such as this.

"However, when we examined the content of Mr Javed's speech it was explicit that there was direct encouragement to those present and those watching via the media to commit acts of murder against the Danish and Americans."

She said the law was also clear that free speech "should not be misused to insult, abuse or threaten people in such a way that it will stir up racial hatred".
. . .
"He said disbelievers would pay a heavy price...and said Denmark would pay with blood."

Anjem Choudary, a former spokesman for the now banned Al-Muhajiroun organisation, said Muslims were treated as "second class citizens" and could not get a "fair trial".

He said: "Muslims are demonised and vilified.

"This is a failure of capitalism, of democracy and the freedom of speech."
Muslims demonised and vilified? When you accuse them of being violent, they threaten to behead you. Can't see the connection . . .

Freedom of speech is not absolute and ends when violence is advocated and mobs are stirred to action. The failure is not capitalism but a socialist system that offers cradle-to-grave welfare and subsidizes it with cheap labor from foreign countries, prompting immigration woes. Choudary laments Muslims not being able to receive a fair trial and being second class citizens, which in his mind would be the correct order for any non-Muslim in his own world. His familiarity speaks only to his hypocrisy.


CU Bureaucracy To Include "Diversity Czar"

Great--more highly-paid administrative busybodies (a vice chancellor needs help, you know) to promote "diversity", which may or may not include diversity of thought:
The University of Colorado may hire a high-level administrator to focus on diversity issues at the Boulder campus.

Provost Phil DiStefano said he plans to make a decision this month on whether the campus' diversity and equity administrator position should be elevated to vice chancellor status.

There are now four vice chancellor positions, in addition to DiStefano's executive academic affairs post.

Those high-ranking administrators oversee campus finances, administration, research and student affairs.

DiStefano said if CU decides to put more emphasis on its diversity position, a group will launch a nationwide search for candidates to become the campus' "vice chancellor of diversity, equity and community engagement."

The CU vice chancellor, if hired, would report to DiStefano and be in charge of guiding campus diversity projects and directing policies that create a welcoming climate for faculty, staff and students. The administrator would also work with off-campus groups in Boulder, Denver and other cities throughout the state, he said.
Want to diversify the campus? Hire conservative, or at the very least, non-leftwing professors. Shed the party school/ski bum/trust-fund out-of-state student image. Go after students that are attracted to the CU-Denver campus, which is already more "diverse" than the flagship campus in Boulder.

Don't marginalize already small minority populations by relegating them to identity-oriented leftwing groups that overemphasize group identity instead of individual achievement. Don't assume all Hispanic students want to join UMAS or MEChA (personal point), or become an Ethnic Studies major. Help Colorado schools with large minority populations work on retention, and groom them for university life by sending mentors and conducting more outreach, before they drop out. Pitch Boulder to older, non-traditional students, rather than simply the 18-22 crowd. What's more diverse than having discussions on life, politics, history, or work experience that include students 10-20 years older. A little perspective makes discussions more productive and more interesting.