January 30, 2007

Moonbat Bloggers To Gather At 2008 Denver Democratic Convention

Oh goodie, the Nutroots/tinfoil-hatters will invade Denver:
ProgressNowAction and America’s top progressive blogger—Markos Moulitsas, founder of DailyKos.com--have teamed up to convene ProgressCon2008, a national convening of bloggers, internet organizers and non-profit leaders during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, August 25-28, 2008.

“The Convention is coming to our hometown of Denver and we're teaming up with Markos to host our friends in the progressive community in style,” stated Bobby Clark, Deputy Director of ProgressNowAction, Colorado’s largest online progressive organization.

ProgressNow's offices in the state-of-the-art Alliance Center are perfectly situated in the lower downtown area of Denver, an easy walk to both the Pepsi Center and Colorado Convention Center--the two venues that will house most of the Democratic Convention activities.

“We're already making plans for this location to serve as a headquarters away from home for progressive bloggers, netroots organizers, and non-profit representatives from across the country,” stated Clark.
Bringing the fever-swamp to LoDo--along with the Anarchist's "Recreate '68"--are the only downsides to the Democratic invasion of Denver next August.


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