January 19, 2007

No Sh**! Doggy Doo-Doo Freedom Of Speech?

Local Democrat and "craptivist" Kathleen Ensz is in deep doo-doo:
A Colorado jury will decide soon whether one person's dog excrement is another person's free speech.

Authorities said Kathleen Ensz was so offended by repeated mailings from Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Colorado Republican, that she stuffed one of those brochures into the mail slot of the congresswoman's Greeley office wrapped around a little something extra: a dollop of doggy doo-doo.

Now Ms. Ensz, a 63-year-old retired University of Northern Colorado professor living in Greeley, is facing charges of misdemeanor "use of a noxious substance." Her attorneys, however, argue that their client was exercising her constitutional right to free speech.

"Ms. Ensz's action in returning an unwanted mailing from Congresswoman Musgrave ... with a piece of feces was expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment," Denver lawyer Patricia Bangert said in a motion filed Tuesday. The filing does not deny that Ms. Ensz put the package through the mail slot, claiming instead that the act is constitutionally protected and thus not a crime.
. . .
An active Democrat, Ms. Ensz registered her protest May 31 after receiving one mailer too many from Mrs. Musgrave's office. The owner of a German shepherd, she fetched what police called a "very nice piece of feces" from her back yard and wrapped the brochure around it, according to court documents.
Money quote:
"If she wins," said Mr. Robinson, "it'll be Halloween 365 days a year."
If she wins, Republicans can look forward to more than mudslinging when it comes to election time.

Just a thought: isn't it odd that a retired professor can't come up with something more than feces to make her point?

Gateway Pundit has the "scoop"
on the whole mess.


Anonymous piboulder said...

Just being tongue in cheek here, but since evolution says we're just descended from apes, why shouldn't we act like them? Throwing sh** at your opponent is natural behavior, right? Yuck!

Sat Jan 20, 05:36:00 AM  

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