January 23, 2007

Anarchists, Liberal Moonbats Plan DNC Massive Protest Rallies, Riots (Chicago '68 Style) For Denver

**Update--video of Glenn Spagnuolo:
The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago ignited riots, violence and arrests.

9NEWS Political Analyst Floyd Ciruli says similar problems in Denver could cause problems for a candidate supporting peace.

“If they actually do turn Denver into Chicago, there’s a very good chance they will turn off the voters,” said Ciruli. “It could be directly counterproductive to what they would like to do.”
Who could ignore the protestors in Boston in 2004, haranguing John Kerry from his left--although this sort of political grandstanding has become so common that most will simply yawn at their presence, unless things really get out of hand.

Here's their plan (via Colorado Confidential, who first broke the story):
People who log on to Web sites with such names as DenverDNC.org or 2008DenverDNC.org will find themselves directed to the site of Recreate68.org, a Web site "created for all the grassroots people who are tired of being sold out by the Democratic Party."

The site goes on to promise demonstrations that will rival those at the notorious 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, which was accompanied by street battles between police and anti-war demonstrators. There's even a form that allows out-of-town anarchists to reserve a room.

"We got the idea six months ago. We were surprised by the Democrats' lack of planning in reserving the site names. We took advantage of that. The Republican conven- tions are easy to get people to come out for. The Democratic ones are harder."
Here's the moonbat website Recreate68.org:
R-68 agrees with the proposition, POTESTAS IN POPULO, "all power comes from the people." What stands between the people and power are the party machines. The parties were devised as a means to represent the people. Today they represent nobody, not even party members, but only party bureaucracy. The people have been left without appropriate institutions for their representation. We intend to create those institutes!

Join us in the streets of Denver as we resist a two-party system that allows imperialism and racism to continue unrestrained. We will demand change by making the Democratic Convention of 1968 look like a small get together in 2008!
The list of sites purchased to redirect traffic looking for the actual DNC site:
The actual site for Denver's Democratic Convention: denverconvention2008.com

The "activists" are evasive when questioned about potential violence and destructive behavior:
Asked whether the Recreate ’68 will bring a repeat of the rioting and violence that gripped Chicago during the ’68 convention, Spagnuolo said: "That will be up to the Denver Police Department. Any violence would be at the hands of the Denver Police Department."
True to form, the police are preemptively established as the fomentors of violence, as they are probably just a bunch of "fascist pigs" anyway.

Organizers include Glenn Spagnuolo, a liberal moonbat defender of CU Professor Ward Churchill and annual Columbus Day Protestor:
"Obviously the name of the site has a message in of itself," said Spagnuolo, a well-known Colorado activist who is a key organizer of Denver’s annual protest of Columbus Day "We see a lot of parallels of what will happen in ‘08 to what happened in ’68. Forty years have passed and we still don’t have the government we need. To demonize the Republicans, and say ‘it’s all the Republicans’ fault and hold up the Democrats as the salvation to the Republicans is foolish. The Republicans couldn’t have accomplished what they did without the assistance of the Democrats."

About a dozen core organizers have been meeting for about six months in anticipation of Denver being the likely site of the convention, including a fairly "extensive" amount of outreach to African-American, Latino, Native American, anti-war, labor and civil rights activists, said Spagnuolo.

Others who have been involved in the efforts include longtime peace activists Barbara and Mark Cohen, who were plaintiffs in Denver’s famous Spy Files lawsuit after police targeted them as "criminal extremists," and Larry Hales, who has helped organize local CopWatch efforts. In addition to protesting at the convention, organizers are also envisioning a four-day "counter convention" for youth. The group plans to have its first public meeting in March, to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war.
. . .
"I don’t think the message will come down to crack skulls," he said of Denver’s ’08 convention. "We’ll try our hardest to negotiate, but we won’t be having protest zones — you can’t cage democracy."
Not that the Democrats don't deserve their share of protesting.

Holding peaceful, massive rallies is one thing--coordinating anarchists and other "activists" more interested in publicity and destruction of private property (just google any previous large gathering of moonbat protestors, starting with Seattle in '99), not to mention the waste of taxpayer money on police presence, which will be required for the Convention anyway. Unnecessary distractions for security forces, potentially hundreds of arrests, damage to businesses, blocking traffic, etc. are sure to be a part of the activists' "peaceful" plans. Protest signs, puppets, and speeches are one thing; masked hooligans (no doubt in Che gear), property damage, and riots are another.

Early estimates on the number of potential protestors--100,000--should yield at least 20,000 to 30,000 (after figuring the usual moonbat exaggeration factor of 3 or 4 times).


Blogger Hyunchback said...

How can I cash in on this?

It's an honest, capitalist question. If the left is coming how can I make money off of this?

Get a peddler's license and sell tiny bottles of water on the street corner? Buy cheapo water from Costco and mark it up 300%?

Tue Jan 23, 08:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Mary mother of Jesus, I followed the link to Colorado Confidential (not knowing that I needed to steel myself for a leftie blog), then clicked over to PeakDems. I think my IQ dropped a few (dozen) points and my blood pressure jumped a few dozen in the few minutes I was there.

Thu Jan 25, 11:31:00 AM  
Anonymous piboulder said...

Spagnuolo is a piece of ignorant, paranoid trash. I heard an interview with him on the Caplis & Silverman radio show probably a couple years ago. Back then he said that police were enforcers of illegal government rules and were "fair game" for violent attacks against them. He got an earful from Dan Caplis for that, whose father was a Chicago police officer. The police had better suit up in riot gear.

It's so ironic that those who oppose the war supposedly because they want peace are so willing to resort to violence for their cause. Hypocrites.

Mon Jan 29, 05:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad I'm retired and don't have to be down on 16th Street during this. Already setting up vacation plans, probably out to Estes Park, but maybe out of state. Screw 'em, as the expression goes.

Mon Jan 29, 11:36:00 PM  

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