January 06, 2007

Helicopters Came For The Cattle In Colorado, But Not For The Victims Of Katrina

New Orleans (August 30, 2005) – U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Shawn Beaty of Long Island, N.Y., looks for survivors in the wake of Hurricane Katrina as he flies in an HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter over New Orleans. Petty Officer Beaty is a member of an HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter rescue crew sent from Clearwater, Florida, to assist in search and rescue efforts. Katrina, a Category 4 hurricane, came ashore at approximately 6:10 a.m. CDT near the Louisiana bayou town of Buras.--U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class NyxoLyno Cangemi

So says the left-wing moonbats at TalkLeft (which insinuates that there were no helicopters used during Katrina) and Facing South. First the stupid:
Cable TV and wire reports are pouring in about the heroic efforts to feed cattle and other livestock affected by the blizzards out West
. . .
A noble effort to be sure. It’s hard not to feel sorry for cattle stranded and starving in the snow, even if their destiny is your next cheeseburger.

But it makes you wonder where the helicopters were during Katrina? Tens of thousands of people herded into the New Orleans Superdome and Convention Center like cattle went days without food, water, or medical supplies. How hard would it have been to fly a few National Guard helicopters by to drop in some water, baby formula, and MREs?

Officials in the affected areas also say they are working frantically to restore power to thousands of people affected by the blizzards. Meanwhile, entire sections of New Orleans are still without power, water, schools or hospitals nearly a year and a half after Katrina.
Then the snark:
But don’t blame the weather. Blame the residents of Colorado and the mid-west cattle ranchers for choosing to live and work where they might be affected by blizzards and for not being prepared. Maybe it’s time to discuss whether Denver ought to just be abandoned.
The commenters at TalkLeft have already taken the moonbat to task over the "lack" of helicopters in Louisiana. Like these helicopter units from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado deployed within hours of Katrina's landfall, or the picture of the U.S. Coast Guard above.

Moonbattery has found more photos
of the helicopters that did not help the victims of Katrina. Apparently they were everywhere!


Blogger Hyunchback said...

You want them to use TRUTH or something close to it to make their statements?

If you really want to join in with them please point out that those Colorado cattle still haven't begun looting.

Sounds like the cattle make for better neighbors than some people in NOLA.

Sun Jan 07, 06:23:00 PM  

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