December 27, 2006

NYC Enthusiasm For DNC Waning

Denver Democrats want the convention because they--and the city--have earned it, and not because NYC no longer covets the Democratic soiree:
Advocates for bringing the 2008 Democratic National Convention to Denver were heartened Monday by persistent news reports that rival New York's power brokers are souring on that city's bid.

But Denver boosters made it clear they're keeping their eye on the prize: working nonstop to heal an 11th-hour union rift that could kill the city's bid before Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean picks the convention winner next week.

"Sure, we should be encouraged by it," Denver 2008 Host Committee Executive Director Debbie Willhite said of the latest "tea-leaf- reading story" out of New York City. "But what we should really be encouraged by is all the strides that Denver has made to put this city into the competition.

"What I don't want people in Denver to think when we get this convention is we got it because New York didn't want it. There has been enormous hard work put together to keep this bid moving forward.

"It will not be a default victory."


Blogger Hyunchback said...

What, Michael Bloomberg doesn't want the Democrats coming to party in his town?

What does that have to say about how much these little parties bring into the local economy vs. the bleeding by having the city services stretched to breaking?

Why don't they offer the city that really benefits from the Democrats a chance to host? Mexico City gets far more gravy from the Democrats than Denver. Since all the candidates have the Runs already who will notice a little Montezuma's Revenge?

At least in Mexico City there won't be any illegal immigrants serving since Mexico doesn't let illegals take jobs from THEIR citizens.

Wed Dec 27, 07:15:00 PM  

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