December 22, 2006

Denver's Convention Bid Sees Progress

By possibly unionizing the Pepsi Center and winning labor approval:
Progress was made Thursday on breaking an impasse that has held up Denver's bid for the Democratic National Convention.

The Denver stagehands union, which would handle much of the inside construction at the convention, thus far has refused to sign a pledge not to strike or picket during the gathering. The Pepsi Center ordinarily uses nonunion crews, and the union has said it won't sign an agreement unless the Pepsi Center management agrees to negotiate.

Now national labor officials in Washington, D.C., are trying to find a compromise between the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local No. 7 and Denver's host committee.

"Folks in Washington are thinking creatively about what could work," said Leslie Moody, president of the Denver Area Labor Federation. "I've been getting calls from the national AFL-CIO."

Labor unions are a core constituency of the Democratic Party, and the convention can't be held in Denver unless all the unions involved sign off. Moody said it is premature to talk about a possible agreement, but she said labor's ultimate goal was to unionize the Pepsi Center.


Blogger Hyunchback said...

I find it very interesting that the Pepsi Center is only interested in union labor if it means the DNC comes to town. What about all the other years that they want to go non-union (possibly illegal alien workers)?

And what sort of prostitution is going on if the unions do sign off on this? They will rubber stamp this one-time deal so the DNC can have their little affair then see those union workers get the heave-ho as soon as the politi-ho's leave town?

And what of the newspapers who don't even think this practice is heinous? How do they shave in the morning knowing that the unions are being asked to step in for a few weeks only to get a boot up the backside as soon as the DNC gets through annointing Hillary?

I guess that's not half as bad as the hypocrisy inherent in our local press who have no sympathy for American citizens while trying to write tear-jerker stories of those poor illegal aliens being shipped back home for the holidays at taxpayer expense.

Sun Dec 24, 06:54:00 PM  

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