December 21, 2006

Blizzard Blogging Christmas 2006

Denver is guaranteed a white Christmas, New Year and Easter at this rate (possibly the Fourth of July, if you consider the 5 foot drifts).

Denver's in the national news for a storm predicted to bring "just a few inches" by today. Once again, forecasters incapable of making accurate predictions for storms a week in advance argue that their 50-year projections of "climate change" show the future to any degree of certainty fail the sniff-test. This blizzard was brought to Denver by El Nino, a very well-documented cyclical climate phenomenon. Or the next ice age.

DIA is closed until Friday and local malls have been converted into shelters for stranded drivers. The Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post are both offering free online versions of their papers due to the blizzard (phenomenal slideshows here, here, here). 9NEWS, CBS4 and 7NEWS have local updates, closings, and photos/video of the storm.

Staggering snow totals: Mount Bailey (above the town of Bailey) -- 55 inches, Bailey and Coal Creek Canyon -- 36 to 48 inches (heavy drifting), Conifer -- 37 inches, Black Hawk and Evergreen -- 33 to 38 inches, Boulder and Estes Park -- 32 inches, Aurora and Longmont -- 23 to 27 inches, Castle Rock -- 26 inches, Denver -- 22 inches, Fort Collins -- 21 inches, Littleton -- 20 inches.

If you live on a side-street, you may not see a plow until Saturday.

Cars across Denver are buried by the snow drifts, and these snow drifts are also precariously hanging over many houses' eaves on the south sides of the building, creating beautiful but dangerous winter sculptures.

Some views from the yard yesterday (more to follow):

A snow drift's progress (7pm):

10 pm.

10 am.

How deep?

The cleanup begins. . .neighbors with front end loaders are a God-send (he's getting a nice-sized gas card):

A little perspective on snow depth:

Pile it on:

Mt. Virtus (Ben DeGrow) has some blizzard bloggage as well.



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