September 30, 2007

Fall Classic: Colorado Rockies

The clock hasn't struck midnight yet for the Colorado Rockies

Tomorrow is October 1 and yes, the Colorado Rockies will still be playing. As Joshua Sharf says, "God, I love late-season baseball"--and for the non-fairweather fans among us, it has been an awful long time since 1995.

So what will this extra game, number 163, mean? It represents only the seventh time in major league history a one-game playoff was necessary to determine postseason placement. Should the Rockies fail to win and advance to the playoffs for only the second time in club history, would any of their late-season push have been for naught?

No. Not in a season marked by rookie short-stop Troy Tulowitzki's unassisted triple play (13th in MLB history) and potential rookie-of-the-year numbers. Matt Holliday could very well end up MVP, leading the NL in batting average, hits, and RBIs. The pitching staff included 17 game winner Jeff Francis (tying a club record), and the emergence of a somewhat eclectic yet effective assortment of starters and relievers that helped the Rockies to the league's longest winning streak of the year (11 games, also set a new club record).

In finishing 89-73 (with one more tomorrow), they also set the club record for wins in a season, as well as games over .500. After losing to Arizona on May 21, the Rockies stood 9 games under .500, but went a torrid 71-46 that, including a dismal 1-9 road trip in late June (their .607 winning percentage would have lead the majors this year--no team went above .600).

No matter what happens tomorrow, a team expected to finish around .500 that made such a dramatic, indeed, Cinderella finish to find itself in contention for a wild card spot is no small feat. That anyone anywhere is still talking Rockies baseball in October is awesome, and credit to the unheralded yet unwavering team taking the field tomorrow.

The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News both have great roundups and photos.

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September 29, 2007

Bud Light's Spanish Billboards: "As Good As The Honky Woman Checking You Out"

"As good as the honky woman checking you out"

There's pandering to the Spanish-speaking Mexican community in Denver, and then there's this:
I love you, man: Bud Light knows what Mexicans like: beer and white women.

At least, that's what a choice billboard at Colfax Avenue and Monroe Street seems to indicate, with its pronouncement that the beer is "tan buena como la güera que te está mirando." For those not in the know, the word güero is on par with gringo, a term used by Mexicans to refer to their pasty neighbors to the north. Güera, then, would be the female form of this, and this cocksure little ad plays off that to speak to Denver's ever-growing Mexican community, basically proclaiming that Bud Light is "as good as the honky woman checking you out."
That offensive sign--imagine one with a different racial epithet (the fallout from "nappy-headed ho" anyone?) or the various "honky" variants "cracker" and "whitey"--has disappeared in less than two weeks, and the new one is much tamer:
Honky if you drink Bud: Two weeks ago, Off Limits offered an impromptu Spanish class, noting that a Bud Light billboard in the heart of hispterdom, at Colfax Avenue and Monroe Street, promised that the beer was "tan bueno como la güera que te está mirando" – essentially, "as good as that honky woman checking you out." Now the billboard is touting the same light beer, with a new, less filling message. "Tan buena como viernes de quincena," it now reads, in a reference not to a woman checking you out, but that welcome mid-month Friday paycheck.
Either someone in Bud Light's marketing department continued the trend of English-oriented companies' proclivity for mucking up Spanish translations:
Still, for odd beer translations, it doesn't come close to the blunder that the Coors Brewing Company made more than a decade ago, when the Spanish version of its "Turn It Loose Tonight" slogan translated to "Take a Dump Tonight" — or, even worse, "Suffer From Diarrhea."
Or the marketers simply figured that the only readers of their billboards--their Spanish-speaking target market--would find the catchy ad "funny", and would be totally ignored by English-speakers in Denver or simply go untranslated, and therefore, under the radar.

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Quote Of The Day

"If Ward Churchill lectures in an empty classroom, is he still lying?"
--A commenter at PirateBallerina



Churchill Remains Terminated, Lecture Series Still On

"University officials have distanced themselves from the planned lecture series — slated to begin Tuesday night — and say that Churchill remains terminated."

Moron More on Ward Churchill's hush-hush yet publicized return to the CU campus next week (h/t Drunkablog):
Fired University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill will return to the Boulder campus next week to begin teaching an unsanctioned course that's being organized by his student supporters.

University officials have distanced themselves from the planned lecture series — slated to begin Tuesday night — and say that Churchill remains terminated.

The students organizing Churchill's teachings say the series is intended for those who "missed out" on his years as an American Indian studies professor and as head of the ethnic studies department at CU.

Neither Churchill nor his student backers could be reached for comment Thursday.

"He's a professor, he likes to teach people — so that's what he's doing," said David Lane, Churchill's attorney, who was unaware of his client's planned lecture series.

CU officials released a statement Thursday afternoon emphasizing that any students who attend Churchill's discussions will not receive credit and the lectures aren't endorsed by the university or considered to be sanctioned academic coursework.

"Any CU student is at liberty to invite Ward Churchill to campus to speak, but this should not be viewed by anyone as a resumption of employment or of his former professorial role at the University of Colorado at Boulder," campus officials said in the statement.

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September 28, 2007

Boulder High Students Plan Alternative Pledge Of Allegiance

**Update 2--Mike Rosen's on-air discussion of Boulder's Marxist moonbats


Boulder's budding Marxists hold their "rally" against the pledge

Emma Martens, 17, president of Boulder High School's Student Worker club is organizing a protest at Boulder High School Thursday September 27th to change the school policy on reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Sammy Dallal / Daily Camera

The little Marxists offer their alternative pledge, to the god of "diversity", of course:
Boulder High School students will stage the first of what could become many Pledge-of-Allegiance protests Thursday in the school courtyard.

Members of the activist club "Student Worker" [there's an oxymoron--ed.] are calling on students to leave class every Thursday at 8:30 a.m. — when the pledge is recited over the intercom — and rally in the courtyard to say a revised version of the pledge.

Club President Emma Martens, who's leading the protest, wrote this new version: "I pledge of allegiance to the flag and my constitutional rights with which it comes. And to the diversity, in which our nation stands, one nation, part of one planet, with liberty, freedom, choice and justice for all."

Martens said her group is concerned that the traditional pledge read daily at the start of second period classes takes away from school time. She also said the phrase, "one nation, under God," violates the separation of church and state.

"Boulder High has a highly diverse population, not all of whom believe in God, or One God," she wrote in an e-mail to the Camera.

"We didn't think it was fair for the whole school to have to listen to it," Martens said between classes today. "It's disrespectful and in complete violation of the separation of church and state. It's almost religious oppression."
Yes--I'm sure the level of religious oppression in Boulder is reaching intolerable proportions.

BTW--I thought the moonbats hated the flag . . .

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Sen. Salazar Feels Nutroots' Heat For Not Being A "MoveOn" Democrat; Update: 2010 Primary Urged

**Updated and bumped (9/28):
I think the time is NOW to start talking about finding a progressive Democrat primary candidate. Mr. Salazar can't be described as either progressive or Democrat at this point, and there is no reason to think he'll change. He's a name-only Dem. What to do, any ideas? I want to know, because I'll start working now.

Colorado is quite the home for timid, middle-of-the-road Democrats.

"Kiss Ass Ken"

The 2008 Senate election is still more than a year away, and already the hard left in Colorado are bailing out on "moderate" Sen. Ken Salazar.

For not being a moron MoveOn Democrat:
Salazar apparently is NOT a MoveOn Democrat.
. . .
bed wetter salazar cowers again
. . .
I feel like Salazar just kicked me in the nuts while I was looking elsewhere and took off like a frightened child.

What a spineless JERK!

What must we do with this sad excuse for a Democrat?
. . .
I would like to remind Sen. Salazar that a majority of Americans (not just liberals) want the troops redeployed from Iraq - the sooner the better. They have expressed this time and time again. When will you and your colleagues hear us and respond appropriately?
. . .
And to think I was actually starting to be bamboozled by his line of bullshit about how he might think about voting to de-fund the war.

Ah well, Senator. What's a few thousand more casualties, when you can enjoy the continued warm fuzzies of "bipartisanship"?

I will not vote for this man again for any office. I will not trust any candidate for President who is ignorant enough to put Salazar on the ticket.
. . .
One more reason to show that "centrism" isn't a principled political position but a strategy: allow other people to set the terms of the debate, then split the difference. Like I've said in other threads, by 2010 when Kiss Ass Ken is up for reelection the real question will be who will do the least damage: (a) a senior senator in the majority party who behaves in a destructive and demoralizing manner (Salazar) or (b) a junior senator from the minority party. At this point I'm thinking (b).
If the moonbats in the "MoveOn" wing of the Democratic Party had any intellectual consistency--or guts, for that matter--they would primary Sen. Salazar in 2010.

Perhaps they could convince one of the Democratic millionaires in the "Gang of Four" to become their champion.

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September 27, 2007

CSU Editor Retains Churchill Lawyer; Update--Hundreds Attend Meeting

**Update 3--formal hearing for CSU editor next Thursday

**Update 2--Editor "arrogan", wanted to be "center of attention" (we noted this earlier, below):
Students who have worked with McSwane at the paper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian, said they are not surprised by the furor he has provoked.

They described McSwane as arrogant and eager to make himself the center of attention. Winning a prestigious journalism award shortly after graduating from high school only boosted his ego, the other students said.

"Everything was about him," said Emily Polak, 20, a junior who was a reporter on the CSU paper.
**Update--No decision yet:
Wednesday night's meeting started at 7 p.m. and the 310-seat room was filled to capacity. McSwane also spoke during the meeting, answering questions from the board.

"We expected a negative reaction, but we didn't think it would be as bad as it is," said McSwane.

It was the beginning of due process under the bylaws of the board, according to CSU. The nine-person board was to gather information and listen to public comment about the editorial before deciding whether to take further action.

The board has the ability to fire McSwane if they chose. They were not expected to make a decision Wednesday night, but one could come as soon as Thursday.

The board could dismiss the complaints, admonish, reprimand or dismiss McSwane.
The revenue costs have grown:
Student officials and faculty adviser Jeff Browne told the board that since the editorial ran, 18 advertisers have either called to pull their advertising or threatened to end their advertising in the newspaper, which could result in some $50,000 in potential lost revenue. Officials have said that staff would have to take an across-the-board 10 percent pay cut to make up for the losses, which cut into the $950,000 advertising budget. Browne said some staff members, including a photographer, have quit.
. . .
Nick Hemenway, a senior and an engineering major, summed up the argument for many who spoke in opposition to the editorial:

"Although the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, nowhere does it claim to provide freedom of consequence," he said, adding that he wasn't sure what punishment would be appropriate for McSwane.
. . .
No Collegian editor has ever been fired in its 116-year history.
McSwane's self-aggrandizing efforts to portray himself as the embattled defender of free speech are undercut by his apparent desire to draw national attention to himself (eery Ward Churchill parallels here--see below for more Churchill connections) Some moonbat gets tasered at John Kerry event at the University of Florida, and McSwane convinces his colleagues at CSU to use an expletive and the President's name to get 15 more minutes of fame.

He isn't defending journalistic integrity or the First Amendment.

He's launching a career in professional moonbattery.

David McSwane reaches out to Colorado's new celebrity lawyer, David Lane.

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Fired CU Professor Ward Churchill To Teach At CU . . . Again?

**Update 2--admission to class now at the discretion of organizers?

**Update--scheduling confirmed, 180 Degrees/Eleventh Hour is the hosting group.

Hosted by sycophantic acolytes student groups, Ward Churchill could presumably teach "free" classes and conduct lectures for the students in any room on CU's campus, as long as the student group schedules the room (huge h/t to Drunkablog):

This continuous event, which will be going on during the fall '07 and spring '08 semesters, will be supported by a number of student groups in welcoming back the teachings of Professor Ward Churchill for all those who missed out on his years as a proffesor [sic] and as a head of the ethnic studies department here at CU.

Churchill Teaching on Campus
Free Classes to Students
Humanities 1B80
October 2, 2007 6:30-9:15
*syllabus to be handed out first day of class along with scheduled class location and times
And for those interested in this year's Columbus Day festivities, the moonbats will march the morning of the parade, at 7 am (also h/t Drunkablog).

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Columbuspalooza Countdown Begins!

". . . an end to the Colum-Bush legacy . . ."

The anti-"Colum-Bush" (hey, he is to blame for everything, after all!) march will be featured the morning of the actual parade, not the usual night before:
This begins the ramp-up for our opposition to the Columbus Day Hate Speech Spectacle.

The Four Directions March, followed by massive rally at the Colorado StateCapitol on Saturday October 6, 2007. March begins at 7:30 am/rally at 8:30. Come prepared to make history.

Protest of Columbus Day Parade 9:30-Noon. Rally to call for justice for Native peoples everywhere, for an end to the Colum-Bush legacy, repeal the Columbus holiday, call for an end to another Columbush imperial invasion in Iraq.

Rock Out Columbus Day Concert, Thursday, October 4, 2007, OrientalTheater, 44th Ave at Tennyson. 7-midnight. Featuring Debajo del Agua and Savage Family, with other indigenous acts.

"Columbuscide - Denver, 2007 •
515 Years of Invasion, Indigenous Resistance and Renewal."
Art Festival, Opening Friday, October 5th,
7pm Laughing Bean Café, 1025 N. Santa Fe Drive, Denver.

On Friday, October 5th, during the Friday night artwalk in the
Santa Fe Drive District, "Columbuscide - Denver, 2007 • 515 years of
invasion, indigenous resistance and renewal," sponsored by the
American Indian Movement of Colorado and Transform Columbus Day
Alliance. The show will expose the deception, death and destruction
embodied in the celebration of Columbus Day, which was born 100 years
ago this year in Colorado.

The show will also reflect the spirit of resistance of indigenous
peoples to over 500 years of oppression and genocide in our homeland.
It will express the spirit of resilience and dedication to freedom for
future generations of indigenous peoples here in on Turtle Island.
Featuring work by American Indian artists, Russell Means, Lawrence
Paul and other native and non-native artists who have provided their
interpretation of the effects of imperialism, genocide, and oppression
which began with Columbus' arrival and that continue today. The show
is being hosted by The Laughing Bean, 1025 Santa Fe Drive, Denver.
This art show is part of a comprehensive series of events to oppose
Columbus Day, and to express a constructive alternative to hateful
Columbus legacy. For more information on other events, visit:
On a sadder note, the esteemed ex-perfessor, we must relate with heavy heart, will be out of town for Columbuspalooza. You can, should the mood strike you--suffering withdrawal symptoms from Churchill's long absence from the limelight--catch his free and open-to-the-public class next Tuesday at CU.

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September 26, 2007

Udall Votes To Condemn MoveOn's Petraeus Ad, Nutroots Balks

**Update--progressive and tired of wimpy, spineless Dimocrats? Vote Green!

Moonbat Diana DeGette (D-CD 1) gets mad props for her "guts" (which are easy to have in an impenetrable district). Kos calls them the "Democrats we can trust to have our backs". Meanwhile Mark Udall, prepping for his Senatorial run to the middle, has earned the ire of the far left, some of whom are promising to withhold their donations:
I received a fundraising request from Mark Udall today.
America desperately needs leadership that will elevate our public debate and reflect the best that our country has to offer. As my track record as Congressman shows, I'm committed to practical, bipartisan solutions to our most pressing issues:

*Finding a way to responsibly leave Iraq: I opposed this war from the start, and I will exhaust every opportunity to bring this conflict to a close so we can rebuild our army and refocus our national security efforts to more effectively fight terrorism.
Rep. Udall, this vote does not reflect the best our country has to offer. It was a waste of resources.

You say you'll exhaust every opportunity to bring the conflict to a close. Is this vote a part of that effort? Are our forces any closer to redeploying now that you and your fellow Democrats have once again succumbed to the Republicans distraction tactics? No sir, they are not.

I will not send money to your campaign when you vote like this.

Stand up to the obstructionists and distractors, Rep. Udall. Stand up for the people of this country who have overwhelmingly expressed their will that the occupation end. Then, sir, I will gladly donate to your campaign.
Udall's purely symbolic bipartisan efforts--attempting to move him to the "middle" in the minds of independents/unafilliateds--have ticked off his key liberal-left constituency and traditional base.

How to read this? They expect Udall to live up to his Boulder liberal reputation and defend the MoveOn Petraeus ads.

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September 25, 2007

CSU College Republicans Create Petition Requesting Editor's Resignation

"As reprehensible, as childish and as cryptic as the editorial was, we really hope McSwane stays on at the helm of the Collegian - for comic value, if nothing else."

J. David McSwane, Editor-in-Chief of the Rocky Mountain Collegian, will receive an earful at CSU's Board of Student Communications meeting, as the CSU CRs present their petition (over 300 signatures). They will be joined by the CU CRs for Wednesday's hearing.

Previous CSU editorial flap blogging here.

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Colorado Woman One Of Little Rock 9, Celebrates 50 Years Of Integration

We've come a long way (video of complete interview):
A Colorado business woman is in Arkansas this week to mark the 50th anniversary of the integration of her high school.

In 1957, crowds tried to keep nine black students from entering Little Rock Central High School.

The youngest of those students, escorted in by 1,000 soldiers, was Carlotta Walls Lanier. She is now a real estate broker in the Denver area.

She recently talked with 9NEWS about how she had the courage to face that first day of school.

"Teenagers feel like they're indestructible anyway. Yes, I heard the name calling across the street, saw the jeers saw the anger in their faces, however I did my best to stay above all of that. I'd always been taught that you do not stoop to that level. Either you help bring people up to your level or you ignore it," said Walls Lanier.

She and the eight others who integrated the school will mark the anniversary Tuesday at a ceremony at the school.

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September 22, 2007

CSU Paper Prints Expletive Targeting Bush--Update

**Update--The price of one word:
The Associated Press Saturday reported the student newspaper has lost $30,000 in advertising and had to cut pay and other budgets by 10 percent because of fallout.

Taser this . . . F*** BUSH!

David McSwane (aka the student who captured a military recruiter promising to secure him a fake high school diploma) is now the editor-in-chief of the Rocky Mountain Collegian, who decided to take this week's taser incident at a John Kerry snooze speech at the University of Florida to highlight first amendment issues, in typical moonbat BDS fashion!

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Out And About

Taking his gloves off once again to confront Islam's nasty illiberalism, Pope Benedict XVI called Muslims to task (h/t Weasel Zippers):
Yesterday, near Rome, the 80-year-old pontiff made a speech in "defence of religious liberty", which, he said "is a fundamental, irrepressible, inalienable and inviolable right".

In a clear reference to Islam, he said: "The exercise of this freedom also includes the right to change religion, which should be guaranteed not only legally, but also in daily practice."

Addressing the problem of Islamic extremism, he added: "Terrorism is a serious problem whose perpetrators often claim to act in God's name and harbour an inexcusable contempt for human life."

Roger Fraley runs the numbers and asks, "My only question is how, given these frightening histories, can any thinking person be on the left?"
$2 million Columbine Memorial opens 8 1/2 years after massacre

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September 19, 2007

Abortion Foes Plan Fight If 2008 DNC Protest Prohibited

Ruh-roh (video):
City officials are still working on where protestors will be allowed to assemble in Denver -- most likely in the area around Civic Center Park. But Mayor Hickenlooper conceded last week that, and other security issues, may well be taken out of local hands.

"This is going to be a dance we do with the federal government," Hickenlooper said at a community forum last week. "And their goal is to have zero risk."
And it looks like the boisterous protestors at Denver's 2008 Democratic National Convention won't only include moonbats of the Recreate 68 ilk, with massive arrests planned:
An anti-abortion minister vowed Tuesday he'll go to court if Denver tries to keep him and other abortion protesters from confronting delegates to the Democratic National Convention next year.

Reverend Patrick J. Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition said he plans to have 2,000 protesters encircle the Pepsi Center, the arena where the convention will be held in August.

"We want to shine a spotlight on the radical pro-abortion position on the Democratic Party, particularly Senator Clinton," Mahoney said to a group of people gathered in Denver to hear him speak.

Mahoney said his group was barred from protesting at sites of both national conventions in 2004. He said he plans to fight any attempts to bar the group from confronting delegates next year, citing his First Amendment rights to free speech. He claimed the treatment he got in Boston was a "disgrace."

"They put everyone in a free-speech pen, we called it," Mahoney said. "They had a chain link fence above us, around us; we literally were in a pen."
It's not very often both right and left agree on anything. Perhaps they should contact Glenn Spagnuolo and, ya know, compare notes.

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September 18, 2007

Colorado DA Says Illegal Immigrant Crime Preventable

"The crimes being committed by illegal immigrants are preventable."

"There is a contrast between what's happening in courtrooms and on the streets, and what's happening with policy makers in Washington, D.C. There's a rift. And we need to fill that rift with information. We need more resources to deport dangerous criminals."--Weld County DA Ken Buck

By deportation (video):
There are an estimated 12 million suspected illegal immigrants in the United States. When they enter the country, immigration laws are broken. Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck says some of the illegal immigrants go on to commit violent crimes.

"We have a case here where someone committed six DUIs under three different names in Weld County, and that person wasn't deported. They went out and committed vehicular homicide and killed somebody and that person left behind a wife and children," said Buck.

Buck organized a special forum held Tuesday titled "Illegal immigration: The untold stories."

About 500 people showed up at the meeting.
Untold by the MSM, of course. Freedom Folks, Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, Lonewacko, and Patterico have all covered these 100% preventable crimes. Colorado doesn't track crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Greeley seeks an ICE office, and Tuesday's forum attendees backed that notion.

Standing room only in Greeley

What types of crimes? Ask Sandy Ross of Weld County:
Sandy Ross, 55, is among a group of people who will talk about how crimes committed by illegal immigrants have damaged their lives.

Ross said she was driving home from church in Weld County on Sept. 2, 2005, when a car driven by Armando Rodriguez Romero slammed into hers. Rodriguez Romero was here illegally from Mexico and had stolen his brother's car.

Ross suffered two broken legs, a broken arm and a crushed right foot in the crash. Her 4-year-old son also was injured and traumatized by the crash.

"For the longest time, he would just break down and cry," Ross said.

Ross lost her apartment trying to pay bills related to the crash and now lives with a friend in Arvada. Rodriguez Romero is serving an eight-year sentence for vehicular assault while under the influence.

But Rodriguez Romero will not pay restitution because he is to be deported as soon as his sentence is complete, Ross said.

"I really don't think about him that much because I'm so busy trying to put our lives back together," said Ross, whose son now attends elementary school.

"Still, these types of things are happening to people like us everyday," Ross said, adding she wants to speak tonight to warn others about the pitfalls of America's immigration policies.
The DA continued, defending the forum:
Buck says the purpose of the forum was to inform the public about the impact of crimes committed by illegal immigrants is having on the community.

"If you were the victim of a crime it's a very big problem and so it's a problem we need to address because the crimes being committed by illegal immigrants are preventable," said Buck.
And lo, the amnesty moonbats howled about "racism":
Some Hispanic leaders condemned the meeting, saying it furthers racism and hate. No one from the pro-immigrant side was invited to speak. Buck says he did not think a debate would be safe or productive. He maintains it was only an informational meeting. Opponents say it was intentionally one-sided to spread false stereotypes.

The exact number of crimes committed by illegal immigrants is hard to pinpoint. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, does not keep that statistic, neither does the Colorado court system, nor Buck himself.

"It's somewhat hard to quantify, but it's also hard to say how many drug dealers there are in Weld County yet we still have a drug task force in Weld County. This doesn't mean the problem isn't real," said Buck.
And the wailing and rending of clothes by the amnesty moonbats continued:
Members of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition say Buck's forum is baseless and is aiming to instill false fear.

"We empathize with victims of crime and want to address crime in our community, but to use government resources to single out one community because of the actions of a few violators, is shameful," said the coalition's director Julien Ross.

Ross says studies have shown that immigrants are often victims of crime. Ross says focusing on a fairly ambiguous issue detracts from the need to have what he calls substantial reform of the current immigration system.

"We know that immigrants are here to work and better their family, not to commit crimes," said Ross.

While ICE does not track crimes by illegal immigrants, it did report that of 197,000 illegal immigrants deported last year, 88,600 had criminal convictions.
So from ICE's own numbers, 45% of the deported illegal immigrants had criminal convictions. Anyone taking a look at the blogs mentioned above would be quickly disabused of the notion that there are few criminals in the illegal immigrant population, and in fact the most heinous perpetrators are often repeat offenders who have been deported several times, only to return and commit similar crimes.

So CIRC's agenda is to hide these criminal convictions first by denying they exist--using the meme that illegal immigrants are all here to work to "better their family" performing jobs "Americans won't do"--or by using the argument that since illegal immigrants are sometimes the victims of crimes, they should be excused from responsibility. Note that citizens, legal and illegal immigrants often fall victim to crimes committed by illegal immigrants:
The meeting closed with a taped interview with Enedina Martinez, a legal permanent resident from Mexico whose husband was killed two years ago by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk.

Martinez - who was profiled last year in a Rocky Mountain News series about illegal immigration, The Border Within - cried as she was asked about the loss of her husband and her children's father.

"I think people should have their legal documents and identification," she said. "That way, what happened to me won't happen to other people."
Greeley has seen its total immigrant population grow 60% since 2000, and was the site of one of the December 2006 Swift raids.

Buck had more details on the scope of the problem in Weld County:
Buck said the speakers will provide the "nature and scope of what we're dealing with."

For example, he said, two years ago, law enforcement estimated that approximately 10 percent of local gang members were illegal immigrants.

He also said between 18 to 22 percent of inmates in the jail are noncitizens, and that a majority are in the country illegally, based on the number of ICE holds.

Buck said he did not know the overall percentage of crimes in Weld County committed by illegal immigrants.
. . .
Responded Buck: "For the longest time, this town denied we had a gang problem. People said I was being divisive. As a result, we ended up with four gang-related murders in six months. You can try to kill the messenger, but the message is very real."
Aspiring career moonbat and amnesty flack responded:
Chris Garcia, a student at the University of Northern Colorado and co-chair of MEChA, a Chicano student organization, said the event was likely to attract a large number of Hispanics.

"All people talk about at these events is how we're criminals, how we bring disease and other crazy ideas. The bottom line message is Greeley is being overrun by Mexicans," he said.

"We've had enough. This meeting is just more of the same, and there is potential for some serious conflict and divisiveness."
Of course, MEChA itself is a divisive, race-oriented organization--something the moonbats vehemently deny.

Buck concluded:
"There is a contrast between what's happening in courtrooms and on the streets, and what's happening with policy makers in Washington, D.C.," Buck said. "There's a rift. And we need to fill that rift with information. We need more resources to deport dangerous criminals."

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Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst 091807

Freedom Folks with their weekly Blogs for Borders video.

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September 17, 2007

Sen. Ken Salazar Impugns Military Leaders

Sen. Ken Salazar appears to have called our nation's military leaders, including Gen. David Petraeus, untrustworthy and disingenuous:
Asked if he could trust the reports military commanders are giving him, he said, "I think of that question all the time because as you know when you meet with the military commanders they will give you the line that they want you to hear." Salazar said he seeks out lower-ranking soldiers and talks to them in the corner.
You can watch video of the entire satellite feed, but unfortunately the questions are inaudible.

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Violate Noise Ordinance In Fort Lupton, Get An Earful

Of Barry Manilow, Barney, and other offbeat musical genres that may appeal to others, but definitely not to the hip, under-30 crowd busted for playing their music too loud (video):
During the full hour of punishment, they were not allowed to chew gum, eat, drink, read or even sleep.
. . .
Judge Paul Sacco carries out the punishment about four times per year. He said he believes the sentence fits the crime.

"When you have a person playing rap at extreme volumes all over the city, and they have to sit down and listen for an hour to Barry Manilow, its horrible punishment," he said.

Sacco said his love for music and helping youth inspired the unusual sentence.

"It's a punishment but it doesn't hurt as bad as jail or (paying) a lot of money," he said.

The judge also said there have been only a few repeat offenders of the noise ordinance law. This type of punishment for the city has been around since the 1990s.
Sounds like a good punishment--sentenced to hear loud music of a type that you might not like, just as you had subjected others to the offensive sounds of loud, obnoxious musical noise.

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September 16, 2007

Colorado "Impeach Bush" Moonbats Explain Motives

From Glenwood Springs--it's all about oil, and Bush's neocon cronies:

Controversial, or just lame?
Sue Gray organizer of the Glenwood rally was disappointed in the turn-out, but not really surprised that the local media shied away from releasing her press releases.

"Even the local community radio said it was too political," Gray related. "Supporting the impeachment of a president is a controversial subject," she admitted.

Gray had never been involved with peace demonstrations until 9/11. "After Sept. 11, 2001 it changed everything in my life," she said.
Colorado's mountain moonbat communities are split on the subject of impeachment--Telluride is going forward, Aspen has better things to do.

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September 15, 2007

Colorado State Parade Of Honor

"The day was celebrated with the state's longest parade ever"

**Update--no pics/video, real life and equipment failures have intervened.

Channel 2 said next year's parade would be even larger (Dolly Parton, Alabama and the Oak Ridge Boys have committed to performing at the event):
"It makes me proud that we have come together as a nation honoring our veterans and not treating them like we were treated after Viet Nam," said Kenneth Classen. He was one of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, who attended the first Parade of Honor.

September 15th was designated by Governor Bill Ritter as a day to honor law enforcement officers, firefighters and veterans. The day was celebrated with the state's longest parade ever. Parade organizer Frank Young, of the Trinity Community Services Foundation, said the parade was a success.

"These people put their lives on the line every day of the year, and we need to respect them and honor them," said Young.

A hundred law enforcement and fire fighter agencies participated in the parade plus various civic organizations and high school bands.
And yes, local impeachment moonbats made an appearance, hijacking a non-partisan parade of honor to further their own agendas:
John H. Kennedy, a political activist, took the opportunity to spread a message condemning the war in Iraq.

Dressed in a baseball cap with the message "Impeach Cheney," Kennedy held a sign saying "(Weapons of Mass Destruction) lies are impeachable."

"Our job is to get people's attention and at least make them think about this," Kennedy, a member of the Impeachment Coalition of Colorado, said.
Concensus? A good parade with a great purpose--just needs more publicity, but not too bad for a first showing:
The audience for the event was small, with marchers outnumbering viewers by a large margin. But those who attended were enthusiastic.

"It is completely extraordinary," said James Clarke, a London resident here on vacation.

There is nothing quite like the parade in London, he said. "It is so full of variety and life," said Clarke, a composer.
. . .
The sparse turnout didn't bother some marchers. "For a first year it was pretty good," said Lisa Wood, the mother-in-law of an active duty sailor who rode her motorcycle with the Patriot Guard Riders, a group that guards military funerals from protesters.

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Columbuspalooza: Columbus Day Truth Commission Renders Verdict

The "truthers" of the Columbus Day Truth Commission have a reached a verdict--a real shocker:
Colorado AIM and the Transform Columbus Day Alliance held a two-day Truth Commission in Denver on Sept. 8-9 as Colorado gears up for the 100th year since it began celebrating Columbus Day and as activists mobilized to oppose to the iconization of the slave trader and mass murderer.
. . .
Even the most conservative estimates of the population of Indigenous people say that the Caribbean islands were inhabited by 8 million people before 1492, this according to Shelburne Cook and Woodrow Borah’s “Essays in Population History” Vol. I, Chapter VI. By the time Columbus left the Caribbean in 1500, due to his policies, which included setting up a slave system (encomienda), and to practices such as cutting off the hands of Taíno people who did not meet a quota of gold, the population had been decimated. (
. . .
Glenn Morris testified about the legacy of Columbus on Indigenous people and what it means today, as U.S. imperialism aggressively targets poor workers around the world for highly exploitable labor and to steal the resources underneath their feet.

Ultimately, Morris said, the Doctrine of Discovery is a thin veil for white supremacy. As European nations were competing with one another for riches, they were able to share in an ideology that exerted their superiority over darker people around the world. This doctrine was used to validate the mass murder of people for profit and the enslavement of them. It continues to do so today, said Morris, as there has never been a dialogue around the colonization of the Americas and slavery and how the U.S. was born into the world dripping with blood from head to toe.

The Truth Commission, just like the International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina/Rita, provided the true history of people. As the struggle to stop imperialist wars abroad and the war against the oppressed and workers in the U.S. intensifies, this truth becomes increasingly more important and provides the history that will inundate the lies of the oppressors.

Articles copyright 1995-2007 Workers World. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved.
There has "never been a dialogue"? What about all the multi-culti, diversity, PC-mongering for the past 30 years, along with mea culpas, legitimate academic inquiries and the recognition of past injustices on nearly a daily basis? Is Glenn literally saying that nothing has changed?

You betcha.

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September 14, 2007

Denver Lacks Clean Hands

From the department of TMI*, yet another reason to wash your hands more frequently:
Go wash your hands, Denver.

The Mile High City ranked last among the top 25 metro areas in the country for its handwashing habits. The most avid handwashers live in Miami, which scored the highest in a survey conducted for soapmaker Dial Corp. by the Zogby International polling firm.

Denver fared worst when it came to washing up after taking out the garbage, with only 30 percent of respondents saying they clean their hands afterward.

When it comes to washing hands after noseblowing, only 13 percent of San Franciscans say they do so. The average response nationally was 19 percent.

The top cities ranked as follows, from best to worst:

1. Miami
2. Los Angeles
3. Sacramento
4. Houston
5. Chicago
6. Dallas
7. Baltimore
8. Tampa
9. Orlando
10. San Francisco
11. Cleveland
12. Indianapolis
13. Phoenix
14. Detroit
15. Washington, DC
16. Atlanta
17. New York
18. Pittsburgh
19. Seattle
20. Minneapolis
21. Boston
22. St. Louis
23. Philadelphia
24. Portland, Ore.
25. Denver
Good grief! San Francisco!?!? Surely we can do better than grungy old hippies!

*Too Much Information!



Colorado Immigrant Population Explodes

Not all are illegal, but you can guess that the vast majority fall under the PC-friendly "undocumented":
Larimer County 46%, Greeley 60% since 2000.

And in Fort Collins, amnesty activists held an immigration vigil:
Nearly 100 people attended an immigration vigil Wednesday night in Old Town Square to support deported immigrants and their families and to speak out against raids that speakers said "tear families apart."

"Enough is enough" was a common theme among the event's many speakers that included residents, immigrants, ministers and elected officials.

"We're here tonight because we have over 12 million people who are here undocumented," said Kimberly Baker-Medina, a local immigration attorney and resident. "They don't have papers, not because they don't want them, but because they don't have the patience to wait in line for a visa. They don't have immigration papers because the law doesn't allow them to have them."

The vigil occurred the same day the American Community Survey, completed by the U.S. Census Office, released new data showing a 51 percent increase in foreign immigrants in Fort Collins since 2000. The survey didn't ask immigrants their legal status, making it impossible to determine how many new immigrants to Fort Collins are undocumented.
Don't have the patience?

Where is that outrage when it comes to their native countries' inability to provide jobs and adequate quality of life? We don't hand them automatic citizenship (and benefits) and they can't stand the wait?


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September 13, 2007

Spirit Of America Not Dead In Denver, Colorado State Parade of Honor This Saturday

"It's time we as citizens stand up and not wait for another 9/11 and recognize those who are working on a daily basis to preserve our rights as citizens"

Frank Young has coordinated the first Colorado State Parade of Honor which starts at 10am on Saturday in downtown. Young was at the Colorado Veterans Monument at Broadway between Colfax and 14th Avenue on Tuesday, September 11, 2007. This is where the parade will conclude with its reviewing stand. Young stands next to the Colorado Liberty Bell a replica of the original Liberty Bell. The parade which will have over 8,000 participants will honor people in the military, active and veterans, and also firefighters and law enforcement officials. (Post / Cyrus McCrimmon)

When news first broke that the Vietnam War Memorial had been damaged by vandals, hope for America's future became a little dimmer. But people like Denver's Frank Young, single-handedly organizing the Colorado State Parade of Honor to pay tribute to American's veterans in the military and law enforcement/firefighting stirs emotion and rekindles a love for country and respect for those willing to assume the duties that the rest of us take for granted (and for those who can't make DC's anti-moonbat Gathering of Eagles):
It's not as if Frank Young woke up one morning and, on a whim, decided to single-handedly put on a parade that would celebrate everyday heroes, cost six figures and tie up downtown Denver traffic for hours.

He gave it a lot of thought first.

"We were kicking around ideas of how we could honor all our veterans, our firefighters," Young said.

By "we," he's including his fellow volunteers at the philanthropic organization he co-founded, Trinity Community Services Foundation.

That was in January. By the end of February, the idea had crystallized, and on March 1, he sat down at his desk at Trinity headquarters - the converted lobby of a one-time motor lodge called the Doll House on West Colfax Avenue - and dialed the mayor's office.

The Colorado State Parade of Honor, featuring local military groups, law enforcement squads, rescue teams and, of course, marching bands, is set to begin winding through downtown at 10 a.m. Saturday. The event will be a new endeavor for the 3-year-old Trinity group, which ordinarily focuses its efforts on needy veterans, battered women and terminally ill children.

But it is a venture that has come to consume the 55-year-old Young and his considerable energies.

"It's time we as citizens stand up and not wait for another 9/11 and recognize those who are working on a daily basis to preserve our rights as citizens," he said.

Six months, dozens of meetings, a fistful of permits and $180,000 after he started, Young says he has lined up 238 marching units, arranged a military-jet flyover and secured Lee Greenwood - the John Wayne of country music - as grand marshal.
We'll have pics/video of Saturday's parade.

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September 12, 2007

Cybersquatting Moonbats Thwart Denver's Democratic National Convention

"Festival of Democracy" trumps Democratic National Convention.

The Dems declines to comment on the moonbats' actions.

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September 11, 2007

Broomfield 9/11 Memorial

Scenes today from Broomfield's moving 9/11 memorial, dedicated last year:

The Broomfield Memorial, the foreground "Police Officer with Child"

"Twin Towers of Light"

Those lost in the World Trade Center

"The Pentagon"

The Pentagon's list of names

"Let's Roll"

Brave Americans



So far, no moonbattery was reported at the site--no signs, graffiti or protests.

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9/11: A Tribute

Front Range Harley Riders remember 9/11, raise money for first responders (video)

--reposted from last year--

This meager effort will surely not assuage the grief and pain felt by Dennis Cross' family, but it is hoped will provide a small glimpse of the man known as "Captain Fearless". I do not know this man, but upon reading his biography and the touching notes left by his grieving family, I can honestly say I wish I had known him, as he so clearly made those around him better people just by his presence. He is and will continue to be missed. Prayers and condolences to his family and friends and likewise to all those who lost loved ones five years ago.

Dennis Cross was a man who made a living running into burning buildings while everyone else was running out. He would probably say it was not only his duty, but his honor to do so. He saved lives, as did many others that day. Let us celebrate his life.

Name: Dennis A. Cross
Age: 60
Residence: Islip Terrace, NY, United States
Occupation: battalion chief, New York Fire Department
Location: World Trade Center
To my uncle, my hero. What can I say about a man who truly loved his family and loved his job almost as much? You will never be forgotten. I was always proud of you, and on September 11 you had the opportunity to show the world how brave and heroic you really were. You always told me that you never let your "boys" go in alone and you didn't. I am so proud of you and your "brothers" for the strength and courage firefighters possess to run into the buildings as we run out. I think about you every day, and you are truly missed by all. I love you and miss you. Forever in my heart.

Barbara E. Cross, niece

Dennis A. Cross was the Fire Department of New York's 57 battalion chief in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. He had been on the job since January 1964, after serving in the U.S. Army. On September 11, he was working in the 11th division in Manhattan as an acting deputy chief. He was found on September 18 under the remains of the south tower. Dennis A. Cross was laid to rest on September 22. He Loved to fight fires, run and sail on the Great South Bay. He enjoyed the many simple pleasures in life including chocolate, strawberry ice cream, a hot meal and a good beer. He is survived by his wife JoAnn Doria Cross; children: Lisa (Cross) Wylie, Laura (Cross) Sheppard, New York firefighter Brian Cross, Denise J. Cross; sons and daughter-in-law: Lori (Marfoglio) Cross, Scott Wylie and Marty Sheppard; and grandchildren Austin Wylie, Vincent A. Sheppard, A.J. Sheppard and 'baby Cross' due in February 2002. Brother Charles Cross and sister Virginia (Cross) Fredriksen.

Laura A. Sheppard, daughter
"Captain Fearless":
At age 60, Dennis Cross had spent nearly two-thirds of his life as a firefighter in New York City.

And retirement wasn't on his calendar anytime soon.

"He wanted to be the first to put in 50 years on the job," said JoAnn Cross, his wife of 37 years.

Along with so many of his brethren, Cross' career was cut short Sept. 11. The battalion chief for Battalion 57, based in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, was killed when the south tower of the World Trade Center collapsed.

His body wasn't recovered until a week later.

"The first three days it was more than hell," said his wife. "When they found him on the seventh day, that was such a relief because we could bring him home. So many of our friends haven't been able to do that."

As is common in the profession, fighting fires was a family affair. Cross' father, Charles, was a New York firefighter, as is his only son, Brian.

Cross joined the department in 1963 after returning home from a two-year tour in Vietnam, where he served in an Army communications unit, JoAnn Cross said.

In the department, Cross was widely admired as a gutsy firefighter and, later, as a respected leader.

"He was a quiet guy, but powerful," JoAnn Cross said. "When he made captain, they called him Captain Fearless."

He was promoted to battalion chief in 1993.

A frequent runner who kept himself in excellent shape, Cross was looking forward to competing in an annual 5K race around the Thanksgiving holiday in Flushing Meadows, Queens. Now, JoAnn Cross hopes to turn the race into a fundraiser for a local charity that aids burn victims.

Cross is also survived by three daughters and three grandchildren.

An estimated 3,000 mourners, mostly firefighters, attended Cross' funeral Sept. 22 in Islip Terrace, Long Island, where he lived.

Stop The ACLU: Remembering 911
Michelle Malkin: The 2,996 Project

Building the World Trade Center (video from the early 1970s):
Part I
Part II

Debunking the 9/11 moonbat conspiracy theory nutjobs "truth activists"

Penn And Teller On The World Trade Center And Terrorists

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CU-Denver's Study Abroad: Venezuela Health Care Revolution!

Moonbattery creeping into business schools: in an email from CU-Denver (UCDHSC), an elective study abroad course offering that takes students to the glorious health care revolution currently underway in Venezuela--courtesy of one Hugo Chavez:
Travel Study Course

Venezuela: Venezuela's Public Health Revolution

This course will count as a free elective or as an international elective in the MBA (regular or health administration) or MS International Business programs.

January 4-20

Cost: $3,100

Application deadline October 12, 2007

Details and application at the link below:

The Government of Venezuela has decided to give public health a very high priority, placing major emphasis on the training of large numbers of new doctors under a program entitled, “Barrio Adentro”. This program is designed to bring medical services to every community, many for the first time. Venezuela’s new Constitution approved by popular referendum and enacted in 2000 guarantees all citizens the right to health. To achieve this, it seeks to consolidate an effective primary health care network under a single ministry.

Four working days will be spent in the Capital, Caracas, planning for data collection, and meeting officials in the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, PAHO, and selected NGOs. An additional two working days will be spent in Caracas after returning from the field to prepare a final report. The remaining time in the field will provide opportunities to study rural and semi-urban health policies and services west of Caracas in Barquisimeto and Valera. Students will study existing conditions, programs strengths and weaknesses, and emerging plans.
How great is Venezuela?

Blessed dictator President Hugo Chavez' tightening totalitarian grip on the economy of Venezuela may lead to anarchy. This system would no doubt parallel Michael Moore's favorite health care provider--Cuba.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the students will use this trip to investigate how not to do health care, but instead inspire them to emulate a failed system in an emerging totalitarian dictatorship, and bring it here.

Not Wardo (Churchill) related, but in the same academic ballpark--left field.

--Speaking of Ward, Drunkablog has an update:
Churchill criticized celebrations of Columbus Day and the anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. He said the major difference between European settlers’ genocide of Native Americans and Nazi Germany’s holocaust during World War II was that Germany lost.

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Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst 091107

Freedom Folks has the latest--Mexican trucking, the Dems' debate en español.

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September 10, 2007

Udall Blasts Bush, Iraq War

Rep. Mark Udall reacts to Gen. David Petraeus' report on Iraq (video):
Rep. Mark Udall, D-Colo., blasted President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq as he and other members of the House Armed Services panel prepared to question the administration's top general and diplomat there.

Udall, who also is a 2008 Senate candidate, said Bush has no strategy for the war and that Iraq has distracted and weakened the military when it should be focused on hunting terrorists.

"It's time to do something different and get our military out of this," Udall said in a conference call with reporters.

Gen. David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, told a skeptical and deeply divided House Armed Services Committee on Monday that the military objectives of last winter's buildup of troops in Iraq "are in large measure being met" and the extra troops could be pulled out by next summer. Their report will shape the next stages in the war.

While Republicans urged Congress to hear out Petraeus and Crocker, Udall and other Democrats were critical even before the hearing began. Udall said it's time to withdraw from Iraq and focus on stopping al-Qaida.

"To continue to referee a civil war is obviously not effective," Udall said. "This is weakening us in the war on terror."
Udall believes that the ultimate solution in Iraq is a "political solution"--turning away from an Iraqi "civil war" to other fronts in the war on terror. He also reiterates his initial and continuing opposition to the war. Petraeus gets a pass as Udall saves his criticism for the Bush administration.

His earlier planned questions for the General
"What comes next? What is the new strategy? And what is the meaning of success?" Udall said of the questions he will ask Petraeus if another legislator doesn't raise those issues first.

Udall, who voted against the 2002 measure authorizing the Iraq war, remains skeptical of the need for the conflict.

In comments just before entering the Armed Services Committee hearing, Udall said the message he wants Petraeus to carry to President Bush is: "Mr. President, there's no strategy. This is still 'stay the course.'"

Udall said he doesn't doubt the troop surge is working "temporarily."

"We have the best military in the world," Udall said. "But we don't have enough soldiers and Marines and airmen and sailors to cover the entire country of Iraq, and the military can only do so much to stabilize the situation. The only solution is a political one."

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September 09, 2007

Ward Churchill Repeats "Little Eichmann" Slur

Courtesy of Debunken, h/t Hot Air:

The ex-professor rambled on for approximately 90 minutes, mercifully this clip is only a little over a minute.

Note also, the very tepid applause.

Drunkablog has nearly identical thoughts.

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Sen. Ken Salazar On 9NEWS' "Your Show"

Colorado's Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar addresses questions on 9NEWS' "Your Show"--

Part I--Iraq, Pinon Canyon, and Social Security

Part II--renewable energy, immigration and Mexican truckers

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September 08, 2007

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti Given Final Tribute

"The death of Pavarotti has made us feel poorer"

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti received his final ovation as more than 50000 gathered for his funeral in Modena, Italy.

Nessun Dorma-Puccini-Turandot

Italy's Corriere della Sera has a video roundup
of Pavarotti's funeral.

Tenor Andrea Bocelli sings Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus (video)

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September 07, 2007

Bring On The Schaffer-Udall Polls

ColoradoPols is touting a new poll showing Rep. Mark Udall leading former Rep. Bob Schaffer 45-40% as evidence of Schaffer's weak campaign and signs of Udall's ultimate victory.

At this point, more than a year out, the poll reveals nothing more than a race that is a toss-up, as the margin of error of 4% makes the poll a statistical tie, and revealing of nothing more than an electorate that has yet to catch on with either candidate very strongly. Given that both candidates have never held state-wide office, that media darling Udall has been all but anointed as the next Senator because of fundraising, or that Schaffer has been thought to have stumbled out of the gate, a 1% difference isn't all that strong for Udall.

These results match the more probable "toss-up" scenario for the Schaffer/Udall race, rather than the oft-repeated line that the seat is Udall's to lose. ColoradoPols said that these numbers can and will change (noting the movement in the Beauprez/Ritter gubernatorial race), but that Schaffer is in a poor position not starting off the race at least even.

However, with Democrats and most of the media pounding the "Colorado is turning blue" meme and that the GOP is all but toast in the '08 election cycle, the fact that Udall isn't leading by double-digits should provide a source of some doubt for the Dems. This poll also certainly can't account for the possible party nominee for President and the potential coattails (or anti-coattails) effect that might play a part in determining turnout and final vote margin.

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September 04, 2007

Columbuspalooza: AIM/TCD Plan Columbus Day "Truth Commission"

"Truth Commission" details, from the AIM-Colorado site:
The American Indian Movemement of Colorado and The Transform Columbus Day Alliance present:

The Official Colorado Truth Commission On Columbus, Columbus Day and the Columbian Legacy

Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9
9:30 am – 6:00 pm
The Great Hall, the Iliff School of Theology, 2201 S. University Blvd., Denver
The rationalization:
2007 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation by the state of Colorado of a holiday to “celebrate” Christopher Columbus. This holiday, and what is taught about it in our schools, has perpetuated a story of Columbus as a heroic figure, a great explorer who brought the gifts of civilization to the New World. But this “official story” is only one perspective; there are others that needs to be told. For nearly 20 years, the American Indian Movement of Colorado (AIM) and its allies in the Transform Columbus Day Alliance (TCD) have invited Denver and Colorado political leaders to co-sponsor a community dialogue about how that celebration represents the history of this country, and the consequences of that representation. Those invitations have met with no response. AIM/TCD is now moving forward with its own Truth Commission.
. . .
After hearing testimony, the Truth Commission will issue findings of fact, and recommendations about how Colorado and the U.S. might move forward from the division and acrimony of the past to a future of mutual respect and historical integrity. A report, along with audio and video documentation from the hearings, will be available for educators, students, and political, religious and community leaders.

Distinguished commissioners who will hear testimony and issue a report include Dr. Vincent Harding, Iliff School of Theology; Professor Nancy Ehrenreich, University of Denver Sturm College of Law; Professor Salvatore Salerno, University of Minnesota; Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone Nation.
Hmmm, not quite sure what conclusion this kangaroo court "Truth Commission" will derive from the testimony presented . . . oh wait, lemme guess--guilty?

And what, Ward Churchill didn't make the final cut for the "Commission"? He's the "expert"--and should have plenty of time on his hands these days given his recent dismissal from CU-Boulder.

This is all, of course, a prelude to the big shindig that will transpire October 6, the 100th anniversary of the Columbus Day holiday:

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Around The Colorado Blogosphere 090407

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here are a couple links to kick things off this week:

Michael at Best Destiny has an excellent essay on "Democratic Pathologies"

Jim at Thinking Right still needs help with his "Letters from Home" project

Drunkablog looks at ending ending Kolumbus Day in Amerikka


Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst 090407

Freedom Folks has the latest.

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September 03, 2007

Profiles In Courage: Two Colorado Marines

After 5 . . . 5! tours in Iraq, Marine Brad Adams celebrated his birthday, but also mourned the loss of his best friend, and would return to service if not for his injuries (video):
Even with two purple hearts and countless medals in his family room, Adams hesitates to talk about himself or his accomplishments.

"It's the hardest thing because my Marines are still out there and I'm back here," said Adams.

Adams uses medication to sleep at night, but his passion to serve remains strong.

If he wasn't injured, Adams would return to uniform today.

"I could do it right now," said Adams.
His injuries?
The bomb scarred one side of Adams' body and left him with only partial hearing and damage to about 40 percent of the tendons in his left arm. He leans on a cane and relies on a colostomy bag.
But he instead focuses on his best friend, his "brother":
"This is awesome. It's great to be home. This time definitely stands out for me," he said. "Someone was looking out for me because I shouldn't be here.

"It's the best feeling in the world to see all my folks and to give them hugs again. But there's also a large part of me that's missing," he added.

That part would be Stokes, a 24-year-old Marine from Auburn, Calif. The two have been best friends for the last four years. They fought together. They would go abalone fishing off the coast of California. They got tattooed together.

"He's my brother," said Adams, who has three sisters. "He's the closest thing I had to a brother."

"Hand Grenade Joe" Espinosa, 87, of Arvada, talks Sunday about his experience fighting the Japanese in World War II. The former Marine recently received a Purple Heart and other honors for his service more than six decades ago. (Post / John Prieto)

And from the "better late than never" department, an 87-year old Marine, "Hand Grenade Joe" Espinosa finally received his long overdue Purple Heart for his service in WWII (video):
Far below him in the dense jungle of Guadalcanal, Colorado's Joe Espinosa could see the palm leaves stirring.

He couldn't see the Japanese, they were so well-hidden.

But the shaking of the leaves told him they were climbing the ridge to encircle him and his company of Marines, who were 30 to 40 feet behind him.

And that moment, the miner's son from Trinidad took action that earned him his nickname that remains today.

"Hand Grenade Joe" sprung into action.

He had two boxes of grenades with him on the point of the ridge.

In rapid succession, he rained the grenades down the hill - at least 24 of them.

"They retreated. A hand grenade going down a slope like that can cause a lot of damage," Espinosa, 87, recalled Sunday.

At reunions, the guys he fought with always call out: "How you doing, Hand Grenade Joe? and "Hey, Joe, you remember those grenades?"

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September 02, 2007

Moonbat Bicyclists In Twin Cities Provoke Melee With Police

It appears that moonbats in Minnesota are already rolling out their planned protests ahead of next year's Republican National Convention (h/t Power Line), and provide a glimpse into what we can expect here in Denver over the next year:
Police arrested 19 bicyclists, including three juveniles, after a protest ride took an ugly turn in downtown Minneapolis Friday night.

About 200 bicyclists were riding on La Salle Avenue, with two officers monitoring the protest that called for reduced reliance on automobile transportation. The ride was also linked with weekend protests of next year's Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities.

When officers tried to arrest a rider they felt had been trying to provoke them, a scuffle broke out, said Minneapolis Police Lt. Marie Przynski.

"When the officer went to arrest him, his buddy came up, and they started to struggle with the officer," Przynski said.

A group surrounded the officers, and begin to chant "Let them go!"Then several people tried to prevent the officers from arresting these individuals," she said, and a skirmish ensued.
Protestors provoking the police? Perish the thought . . .
Soon, the two officers were surrounded by about 30 people, and they issued the call "officer needs help."

That brought 48 officers from six different law enforcement agencies racing to the scene, where the situation escalated and the officers used chemical Mace in an attempt to control the crowd, Przynski said.

Police then called in medics to examine people who were sprayed. Some officers had minor injuries, such as scrapes, but nobody was seriously injured, said Przynski, the night watch commander.

It was unclear, Przynski said, if the first people arrested were affiliated with the convention protest group. The lieutenant also said that a State Patrol helicopter had videotaped part of the event, and that documentation would be included in what police are now reviewing.

Police said they have had little trouble with recent rallies staged by Critical Mass, a loosely organized group that opposes society's heavy use of motor vehicles.

"We've never had a problem with Critical Mass, the rally," she said. "We agree with them that we need to lessen our dependence on the automobile. Apparently, they had some infiltrators or outsiders who joined the rally tonight. And these outsiders were trying to provoke the officers."
Anyone seen Glenn Spagnuolo lately?

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September 01, 2007

Moonbats Protest Albright, Newmont Mining, DU

Why is it when moonbats protest, their first thoughts are about violence and murder?
But the most effective tactic, as alluded to above, was the hectoring of the shindig’s attendees. They were ravaged, starting as they waited at a dead stop in a line of cars to unload, where protesters were assailing them through the car-windows with a litany of Newmont Mining abuses, and giving ’em holy hell for taking part in, as one commenter put it, “Eichmannalooza.” (Catchy, no?) Then, of course, they had to totter from their luxury cars into the Marriott. Over-dressed, incredibly-quaffed, pinch-mouthed, upper crust shitbirds, just begging for ridicule.

And, oh boy, did they get it.
Intimidation, name-calling and, I'm sure, chants accompanied by bongo drums or percussion of some sort. Verbally assaulting people on their way to an event is a tried and true weapon of the moonbats--achieving nothing more than smug self-satisfaction among the protesters, annoying innocent by-standers and passing traffic, and creating headaches for innocent employees, all the while changing no one's mind. But . . . but . . . it makes them feel good!
There was the rather restrained, but always effective, “you should be ashamed of yourselves,” but there were also a few, shall we say, more vigorous folks. Some of the best lines I heard:

“Newmont Mining poisons people for money. Hey, do you think we could pay the Marriott to do the same?”

“How’s about we throw Wayne Murdy off a bridge? How’s about we throw Madeleine Albright off an even bigger bridge?”

“How’s about we feed a cyanide cocktail to your kids?”

“You guys should read Ward Churchill. He’d scare the hell out of you, because you’re,” then after a dramatic pause, in a wonderful game-show announcer’s voice, “little Eichmanns!”

And, my favorite, at a woman in a ridiculous hat that looked something like a very large rat eating a partridge, “holy shit, look at that hat! You look like a little Eichmann train wreck!”
Death wishes? Check. Murder? Check. Terrorism directed at families? Check. Obligatory "little Eichmanns"/Ward Churchill shout-out? Check and check!

These quotes (if you followed the link) come from the self-congratulatory moonbats themselves, proud of their "witticisms" calling for violence, murder, and terrorism. Can't be misquoted on those comments!

Moonbat protests summed up:
Death to people who don't agree with us!

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