September 11, 2007

CU-Denver's Study Abroad: Venezuela Health Care Revolution!

Moonbattery creeping into business schools: in an email from CU-Denver (UCDHSC), an elective study abroad course offering that takes students to the glorious health care revolution currently underway in Venezuela--courtesy of one Hugo Chavez:
Travel Study Course

Venezuela: Venezuela's Public Health Revolution

This course will count as a free elective or as an international elective in the MBA (regular or health administration) or MS International Business programs.

January 4-20

Cost: $3,100

Application deadline October 12, 2007

Details and application at the link below:

The Government of Venezuela has decided to give public health a very high priority, placing major emphasis on the training of large numbers of new doctors under a program entitled, “Barrio Adentro”. This program is designed to bring medical services to every community, many for the first time. Venezuela’s new Constitution approved by popular referendum and enacted in 2000 guarantees all citizens the right to health. To achieve this, it seeks to consolidate an effective primary health care network under a single ministry.

Four working days will be spent in the Capital, Caracas, planning for data collection, and meeting officials in the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, PAHO, and selected NGOs. An additional two working days will be spent in Caracas after returning from the field to prepare a final report. The remaining time in the field will provide opportunities to study rural and semi-urban health policies and services west of Caracas in Barquisimeto and Valera. Students will study existing conditions, programs strengths and weaknesses, and emerging plans.
How great is Venezuela?

Blessed dictator President Hugo Chavez' tightening totalitarian grip on the economy of Venezuela may lead to anarchy. This system would no doubt parallel Michael Moore's favorite health care provider--Cuba.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the students will use this trip to investigate how not to do health care, but instead inspire them to emulate a failed system in an emerging totalitarian dictatorship, and bring it here.

Not Wardo (Churchill) related, but in the same academic ballpark--left field.

--Speaking of Ward, Drunkablog has an update:
Churchill criticized celebrations of Columbus Day and the anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. He said the major difference between European settlers’ genocide of Native Americans and Nazi Germany’s holocaust during World War II was that Germany lost.

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