September 14, 2007

Colorado Immigrant Population Explodes

Not all are illegal, but you can guess that the vast majority fall under the PC-friendly "undocumented":
Larimer County 46%, Greeley 60% since 2000.

And in Fort Collins, amnesty activists held an immigration vigil:
Nearly 100 people attended an immigration vigil Wednesday night in Old Town Square to support deported immigrants and their families and to speak out against raids that speakers said "tear families apart."

"Enough is enough" was a common theme among the event's many speakers that included residents, immigrants, ministers and elected officials.

"We're here tonight because we have over 12 million people who are here undocumented," said Kimberly Baker-Medina, a local immigration attorney and resident. "They don't have papers, not because they don't want them, but because they don't have the patience to wait in line for a visa. They don't have immigration papers because the law doesn't allow them to have them."

The vigil occurred the same day the American Community Survey, completed by the U.S. Census Office, released new data showing a 51 percent increase in foreign immigrants in Fort Collins since 2000. The survey didn't ask immigrants their legal status, making it impossible to determine how many new immigrants to Fort Collins are undocumented.
Don't have the patience?

Where is that outrage when it comes to their native countries' inability to provide jobs and adequate quality of life? We don't hand them automatic citizenship (and benefits) and they can't stand the wait?


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