September 27, 2007

Fired CU Professor Ward Churchill To Teach At CU . . . Again?

**Update 2--admission to class now at the discretion of organizers?

**Update--scheduling confirmed, 180 Degrees/Eleventh Hour is the hosting group.

Hosted by sycophantic acolytes student groups, Ward Churchill could presumably teach "free" classes and conduct lectures for the students in any room on CU's campus, as long as the student group schedules the room (huge h/t to Drunkablog):

This continuous event, which will be going on during the fall '07 and spring '08 semesters, will be supported by a number of student groups in welcoming back the teachings of Professor Ward Churchill for all those who missed out on his years as a proffesor [sic] and as a head of the ethnic studies department here at CU.

Churchill Teaching on Campus
Free Classes to Students
Humanities 1B80
October 2, 2007 6:30-9:15
*syllabus to be handed out first day of class along with scheduled class location and times
And for those interested in this year's Columbus Day festivities, the moonbats will march the morning of the parade, at 7 am (also h/t Drunkablog).

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