September 25, 2007

Colorado Woman One Of Little Rock 9, Celebrates 50 Years Of Integration

We've come a long way (video of complete interview):
A Colorado business woman is in Arkansas this week to mark the 50th anniversary of the integration of her high school.

In 1957, crowds tried to keep nine black students from entering Little Rock Central High School.

The youngest of those students, escorted in by 1,000 soldiers, was Carlotta Walls Lanier. She is now a real estate broker in the Denver area.

She recently talked with 9NEWS about how she had the courage to face that first day of school.

"Teenagers feel like they're indestructible anyway. Yes, I heard the name calling across the street, saw the jeers saw the anger in their faces, however I did my best to stay above all of that. I'd always been taught that you do not stoop to that level. Either you help bring people up to your level or you ignore it," said Walls Lanier.

She and the eight others who integrated the school will mark the anniversary Tuesday at a ceremony at the school.

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