September 14, 2007

Denver Lacks Clean Hands

From the department of TMI*, yet another reason to wash your hands more frequently:
Go wash your hands, Denver.

The Mile High City ranked last among the top 25 metro areas in the country for its handwashing habits. The most avid handwashers live in Miami, which scored the highest in a survey conducted for soapmaker Dial Corp. by the Zogby International polling firm.

Denver fared worst when it came to washing up after taking out the garbage, with only 30 percent of respondents saying they clean their hands afterward.

When it comes to washing hands after noseblowing, only 13 percent of San Franciscans say they do so. The average response nationally was 19 percent.

The top cities ranked as follows, from best to worst:

1. Miami
2. Los Angeles
3. Sacramento
4. Houston
5. Chicago
6. Dallas
7. Baltimore
8. Tampa
9. Orlando
10. San Francisco
11. Cleveland
12. Indianapolis
13. Phoenix
14. Detroit
15. Washington, DC
16. Atlanta
17. New York
18. Pittsburgh
19. Seattle
20. Minneapolis
21. Boston
22. St. Louis
23. Philadelphia
24. Portland, Ore.
25. Denver
Good grief! San Francisco!?!? Surely we can do better than grungy old hippies!

*Too Much Information!


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