August 19, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 6

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Thursday May 22, 2008--No. 6

Protester "dos and don'ts" pamphlet to be distributed by Denver law enforcement; that's a lot of OT--Denver law enforcement to earn $1.2 million at DNC; DNCC fails to vet disgraced police officer hired as a security consultant

•Men in Black--behind the scenes with the Secret Service protecting convention VIPs:
During a recent visit by presidential presumptive nominee John McCain, 9NEWS focused cameras not just on the candidate, but on Secret Service agents. Perea agreed to give 9NEWS an inside look at how agents protect dignitaries.

"That's usually the difference when you see the Secret Service," said Perea while looking over video shot by 9NEWS of agents protecting McCain at a recent event at the Grand Hyatt in Denver.

"We are not looking at the Senator, we're looking at the crowd," Perea said.

He says agents look for anything out of the ordinary.

"We have eyes completely around," Perea said of the 360-degree view agents keep on presidential candidates.
And they'll be watching you.

The list of DNC speakers grows, now including Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Jesse Jackson; Obama ticket design causes a stir; those wait-listed hope against hope for leftover Obama tickets

•Will the DNC actually hurt the Democrats in Colorado?

Party conventions awash in corporate cash

•Don't like the message being offered by the Democrats at the DNC? The GOP "war room" will be quick to respond to the daily barrage from the Dem love-in

A look at the historical weather events that have occurred in Denver on August 28, the night of Obama's Invesco Field speech--cold, hail, wind, heat, and grasshoppers

DNC snub of Archbishop Charles Chaput?; Catholic League--some DNC credentialed blogs offensive

Not all Denver residents hoping to cash in on DNC housing crunch filling their properties

•It's not the fountains at Bellagio, but City Park's 1908 fountain, installed for the last DNC convention in Denver, has been refurbished and will be up and running just in time for the DNC

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