December 03, 2005

"Nativity Float Steals Show"

The good news from Denver's Parade of Lights is not surprising:

Last year, parade organizers were criticized for banning religious-themed floats.

The Downtown Denver Partnership, a coalition of 350 businesses, said they wanted to keep the parade secular.

The parade was initially started to help attract businesses to the downtown area.

But a local church, Faith Bible Chapel, reached an agreement with the organizers to add a religious float and a choir.

Judging from the crowd's reaction Friday, that was a popular decision.

"This is the best part of the parade," Michael Archer said, standing besides his 7-year-old son, Nicolas, as the choir passed.

Duh. A "holiday" parade without a float that celebrates the biggest holiday of the season? It is nice to see that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, finally made it into a parade. Here is The Denver Post's reaction. For some great photos courtesy of the Rocky Mountain News, click here.


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