December 01, 2005

Chief Shitting Bull Refuses To Name Names

Apparently our favorite intellectual powerhouse, activist, and pseudo-Indian Ward Churchill (he hasn't earned a Ph.D., and did not go through the normal tenure process, so we won't award him the appellation of Professor) decided not to enlighten the rest of the world as to just who he was specifically referring to when he declared that the "Little Eichmanns" who died in the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001 deserved to die.

From a letter from the CU College Republicans, who braved the cold to confront the thoughtless wonder:
Ward Churchill took a swipe at our camera during our confrontation on Wednesday. While the College Dems decided to take this event off (citing that Ward Churchill has been misquoted by the media), College Republicans showed up in strong numbers to demand that Ward Churchill identify who DID deserve to die. His response: “I’ll start circling names as soon as you start circling the names of babies.” We are guessing that was not a pro-life statement, but rather a reference to Iraq. So, Churchill has now identified himself with the “Bush lied, babies died” crowd. One student had to be escorted away as he tore up our literature. Another of Ward Churchill’s Indian friends had to be restrained by Churchill himself. Later, Churchill’s friend attempted to put a spell on us in an Indian dialect. All College Republicans are still alive as of yet. Churchill and his followers really know how to go out with class – see attached picture.

The Rocky Mountain News has the MSM's report. 7 News had this report. Most other news venues appeared to avoid the story, as even the local rag, the Colorado Daily, had only this photo and caption in its front page:

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I also heard that Bush eats babies. I'm sure they're tasty with hot sauce.

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