December 20, 2005

Bush and Blair as Cow? Madame Tussaud's London

Hmmm. (There is no hard link to the video, but this is the frame used as a thumbnail, and the video is funny.)

Not sure what to make of this, other than it is a pathetic attempt at humor by liberals (liberals are notoriously bad at attempting humor). Why a cow? Certainly a donkey or some other animal would have provided more yuks for the overcharged tourists eager to drop nearly $40 to see varyingly successful wax recreations of the famous and infamous. (Not to give them any suggestions.)

What is the purpose of making a political statement regarding current events at a wax museum? Is Madame Tussaud's an agenda-driven propaganda arm of the vast left-wing conspiracy? It is ironic that the impetus for the museum, Madame T's casts of the death masks of the the French Royal Family and victims of the Terror came as the result of the extremely liberal French Revolution. Instead of dressing Bush and Blair in a cow costume, they could put a display of dictators removed from power (Saddam Hussein) or Iraqi voters extending their purple fingers in celebrating democracy. That would probably offend the PC-mentality of the British willing to appease the Muslim minority currently dhimmifying their country.


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