April 24, 2008

Rush Limbaugh--"I'm Dreaming Of Riots In Denver" Causes Local Stir; Glenn Spagnuolo Responds

We know what he meant, but what he said has stirred the local political gadflys, including Recreate '68 Dear Leader Glenn Spagnuolo, who took his pot shots at Limbaugh's comments (and paraphrased Douglas Bruce to boot!--this story has everything):
Rush Limbaugh says he was not calling for a riot in Denver during the Democratic National Convention — he only "dreams" of it, to the tune of "White Christmas."

The conservative talker discussed the possibility of Mile High unrest this August his national show for a second day in a row today.

"Now, I am not inspiring or inciting riots. I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming of riots in Denver," he said mimicking the holiday tune.

He explained on-air: "Riots in Denver at the Democrat Convention would see to it we don't elect Democrats," Limbaugh said. "And that's the best damn thing (that) could happen for this country as far as anything I can think."

Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer with the protest group Re-create 68, called Limbaugh "a fool."

"We don't need another 5,000 illiterate Limbaugh listeners coming to Colorado," he said, mocking a comment this week by State Rep. Douglas Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, calling migrant workers "illiterate peasants" as he debated a bill to accommodate up to 5,000 guest workers in the state.
You can listen to the audio here.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper added this comment--"Anyone who would call for riots in an American city has clearly lost their bearings."

What Limbaugh was of course referring to were the implicit threats issued by Democrat firebrands like the Rev. Al Sharpton, and of course the agitation of the local moonbats, led by none other than Recreate '68:
On Wednesday, Limbaugh had been discussing comments by the Rev. Al Sharpton, who had warned of "trouble" at the convention if the nomination was wrested away from Barack Obama by superdelegates.

Local conservative talk show host and GOP activist John Andrews saw what he believes Limbaugh was getting at.

"Look, nobody seriously wants violence and civil disobedience at the Denver convention," he said. "Rush is just saying, 'Make our day'; if, in fact, the Re-create '68 hooligans or the Al Sharpton street toughs or anybody else wants to disrupt the convention, they're going to hurt Democrats' chances in the fall."
Aside from Sharpton, we have followed other calls to wreak havoc in Denver--including a plan to "destroy the party"--should Obama fail to capture the nomination.

And that doesn't include the Recreate '68 and affiliated groups' shenanigans that could easily devolve into angry mobs and worse--despite Spagnuolo's vehement protestations of a commitment to "non-violence."

Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown, however, rejected even the perception of "wishing" for riots:
Denver City Councilman Charles Brown, a Republican and Limbaugh listener, was outraged. Brown was a school teacher in Illinois during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968. He recalled the injuries, chaos, lingering tear gas and national disgrace for Chicago as a result of the riots.

"What an insult," Brown said of Limbaugh's flippancy. "Regardless of political labels, for any radio announcer to wish a riot on a city so his party could win, that's disgraceful and it's absurd."

He said he has found Limbaugh to be a "great entertainer, but he's really gone too far. It's almost juvenile."

Brown said he did not think Limbaugh was speaking for Republicans when he made the comment.

"I don't believe there is a Republican in this state that would agree with his comment."
We certainly agree with Brown--no one wishes for a riot, for political or any other reasons.

SP and our allies, as well as our committed opposition, all call Denver home. I know I speak for many in the Denver area who would like very much not to see violence, mayhem, and property damage--a black eye for the lovely "Queen City of the Plains."

We continue to hope that groups like Recreate '68 keep their word. Protest, assemble, and demonstrate your First Amendment rights to the full extent of the law.

Just don't trash the city in the process.

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