April 26, 2008

Denver Media And Political Week In Review 042508

Highlights from local media types dishing on Rush Limbaugh, Recreate '68, Colorado College--and other political banter from this past week:

Dave and Lois on "The Ride Home" (850KOA):
Dave and Lois press Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) on his call for Rush Limbaugh to face a "public reprimand" for his comments regarding Denver and the Democratic National Convention (interview starts at about the 1/4 mark of the audio)

Rush Limbaugh defends his comments, discusses the Denver MSM's coverage of his comments and the relative coverage of Recreate '68

Mike Rosen (850KOA):
Fri--(9am, 10am) Rosen discussing the Limbaugh comments; "winning at all costs" not an option for Rosen
Tue--(11am) Adam Kissel, Foundation for Individual Rights in Higher Education, discusses the Colorado College case

Jon Caldara ("Independent Thinking"):

Chainsaw Etiquette at Colorado College

Eco-Theology 21st Century Religion

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