September 16, 2008

DNC Carbon Offset Scheme Raises Tons Of Cash $18.34

Epic. Fail.

Attendees at the "greenest convention ever" obviously couldn't be bothered to raise some real green--money--to offset their carbon footprints:
Results of a program using Aspen’s Canary Initiative to sell carbon offset credits to Democratic National Convention attendees are a little underwhelming.

The program, set up by the DNC Host Committee through the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau and rolled out about a week before the convention started, raised a total of $18.34 worth of Canary Tags, offsetting 0.9 tons of carbon emissions.

The offsets were aimed at DNC-goers other than the official delegates, who had a separate carbon offset program through Vermont-based Native Energy. That program, set up in January through the Democratic National Convention Committee, was utilized by 65 percent of the DNC’s 4,440 delegates.
. . .
Peterson was hoping funds raised through the host committee for the DNC could be used for a signature project. But that will not be possible, as less than $20 was raised.

“Here’s three (compact fluorescent) light bulbs for the office,” Peterson said.
This story, not unsurprisingly, hasn't appeared in the local Denver MSM yet.

Targeted at thousands of DNC-goers other than official delegates, some of whom are presumably at least vaguely sympathetic to the Democrats and their causes (like the media), they still couldn't muster a crisp $20, let alone a few Benjamins? Money that would make evident the imperative to tackle global warming/climate change, and dispel accusations that the "green" effort of the DNC and the policies of the limousine-liberals in the Democrat party are nothing more than lip service to one of their signature issues?

Of course not. The delegates themselves managed a measly 65% participation rate. Either even dyed-in-the-wool rank-and-file Dems don't believe the global warming hoax, or it just hasn't been raised to a level of crisis high enough for action.

Or more likely, Democrats believe that any crisis is best solved by throwing more government money at it--but certainly not their own.

Democrats--putting your money where their mouth is for decades.

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