September 12, 2008

Colorado Palin-mania: Sarah Palin Event Tickets Flying Like Hotcakes!

So much so that the planned pancake breakfast has been scrapped so that the campaign could accommodate all the extra supporters:
No more pancakes.

Because of the high volume of requests for tickets to see Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Monday morning, the campaign has canceled the pancake breakfast.

Instead, it will be an event for about 5,000 people and Palin will deliver remarks.

"To accommodate more people, we had to take away the table and chairs to fit everyone in," Campaign spokesman Tom Kise said.

Kise said all day the line at their office snaked outside into the parking lot and it became clear that there wasn't a way to accommodate everyone and serve up flapjacks as well.
Barack Obama will also head to Colorado next week, with stops in Grand Junction, Pueblo, and Jefferson County (no final details).

With support for Obama flagging in the polls and the Palin appearance bursting at the seams, we'll get a comparative glimpse of two campaigns heading in the opposite directions.

And we'll also get a glimpse of how Palin stacks up (yes, pun intended) on her own, rallying voters in a county (Jefferson) that could determine the election in Colorado, and possibly nationally.

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