September 02, 2008

Guestblogging: Sarah Palin And Change

Sarah Palin: A Change More Profound than Giving Speeches
By Julian Dunraven

If this election is really all about change, then November will offer voters a choice between candidates who like to talk about change, and candidates who live for change.

On the left, we have Sen. Barak Obama who, in his extremely short tenure in the U.S. Senate, has never once broken with his party's agenda to champion needed reforms. For his running mate, he has chosen Sen. Joe Biden, a bastion of the liberal establishment for the last 35 years.

On the right, we have Sen. John McCain, who has made a career of going against anyone he thought was wrong--even if that occasionally includes members of his own party. As his running mate, he has chosen Gov. Sarah Palin, who has already proven that she is a consummate and principled reformer. She took on some of the most powerful members of her own party--including Sen. Ted Stevens--to fight corruption and bring ethics and accountability back to government. She slashed budgets, cut taxes and even sold the governor's private jet on E-Bay to bring fiscal responsibility back to government. And unlike so many modern politicians who like to talk about values but rarely live by them, Gov. Palin doesn't just say she is pro life and pro-family--she chose to have her youngest baby even though she knew he would have Down Syndrome, and she has been incredibly supportive of her daughter, who is also choosing to have her baby--despite the difficulties of young motherhood.

Gov. Sarah Palin is a remarkable woman who somehow manages to impress both fiscal and social conservatives at the same time. I can't remember the last time Dr. James Dobson and I agreed on anything but the quality of the weather, yet we are both excited about Gov. Palin and I think the reasons for that are clear: she represents what the Republican Party, at its best, used to be, what it should be, and what it will be again.

Change is coming, but not with Obamamania. Long after that fever breaks and passes, the true reformers, John McCain and Sarah Palin, will be hard at work restoring the glory of this country which Congress and Bush have so badly tarnished.

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