September 02, 2008

Dispatches From The RNC-A Subdued Day One Inside The Xcel Center; Crazed Leftists Attack Delegates

Xcel Energy Center primed for Republican National Convention.

A view from the upper level--a much simpler design.

Gateway Pundit has extensive coverage of the serious and dangerous attacks on delegates and other guests of the RNC, including bags of cement tossed off bridges at passing buses, water/bleach spraying of delegates, tire slashings, etc., not to mention urine bombs, molotov cocktails and other devices seized over the weekend.

Brad Jones of Face the State is also in Minneapolis-St. Paul for the convention and has extensive coverage of the events in and around the Xcel Center, including blogger credentialing (there are 200 credentialed blogs at the RNC), proximity of protesters to the venue, and an important question for both parties--where are the young people at national political events?

On to the photos:

At least 80 feet separated the enclosed protesters from the inner perimeter of the Xcel Center in this area.

Stop the War!

"Brains not Bombs!" "McCain = Bush"

The socialists were out as well.

Closing the gate on protesters.

The security checkpoint was evenly distributed and quite efficient, and the buses just a short distance away.

Protesters had been confined to the narrow passage in the center, and funneled away from the Xcel Center off to the right.

Celebrity sightings:

Actor and on-screen tough guy Robert Davi chatted with guests on the 2nd floor of the Xcel Center.

Kevin Farley and Robert Davi posed for photos while discussing their new comedy, "An American Carol" due out October 3 (trailer), directed by David Zucker of "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" fame.

The effects of Hurricane Gustav:

A steady crowd monitored the reports on Hurricane Gustav.

Red Cross operations set up information tables and called for donations and other relief efforts.

First Lady Laura Bush and Sen. John McCain's wife Cindy McCain urge delegates and RNC guests to join the relief effort in any way they can.

Blogger and press digs:

Two words: Free.  Internet.

Working hard or hardly working?

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