September 09, 2008

RNC Dispatch--Day 3 Photos

More pictures from the Republican National Convention, as Sen. John McCain's Vice Presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin gave her acceptance speech and a wonderful succession of GOP speakers--Michael Steele, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Linda Lingle, and finally Rudy Giuliani--helped build the adequate emotional charge with speeches that were quite powerful, and included great rhetorical gems like Steele's "Drill, baby, drill!" that were repeated throughout the night.

Security was tight, but once past the innermost line of defense against the uncredentialed and unhinged protesters, the mood was fairly relaxed.

Feeding frenzy at the RNC shop.

Michigan delegates sport hockey jerseys in support of Sarah Palin's veep speech Wednesday night.

Ushers were very adamant about this rule.

Even before Palin delivered her acceptance speech, "Palin Nuts" were going crazy for John McCain's pick.

Rudy Giuliani fired up the crowd and joined the audience in a bit of laughter at the Democrats' expense.

Colorado delegates wore matching shirts and occupied prime real estate in front of the center teleprompter.

"Hockey Moms for Palin" from Michigan.

The enthusiasm was palpable, even from the nosebleeds.

My (remote) view--Palin supporters nearly blew the roof off the Xcel Center.

The best look at Palin came from the large side screens behind the podium--this was my view of the convention.

As loud as the crowd was Wednesday night, it probably did little good to have the booth enclosed.

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