September 05, 2008

RNC--Quick Reflections; More To Come

Tons of pictures (celebrities, hardcore GOP supporters, etc.) to sort through and video to load--as well as recaps and reflections on other aspects of the RNC.

Wanna know why the usual SP coverage wasn't, shall we say, the same as usual?

The convention had a steep learning curve--in terms of expectations and ability to cover the event. Apparently I'm not alone, as Ben DeGrow points out in a link to Rick Moran. Hard to "blog" and get the type of material I would like, or make the networking connections and tap into a larger sense of community when bloggers are banished to the extreme nosebleed seats behind the stage, with no view of the speakers, and then asked to navigate the labyrinth of the Xcel Center to the press filing room where the only "free" Internet is located. And without even a temporary, revolving access to the floor to meet the state's delegates or get a sense of the convention's pulse, it is not difficult to say whether or not it might have been easier to "blog" the convention from my hotel room. Other than the "just happy to be here" feeling that quickly eroded once the reality of the arrangement set in, the convention organization and blogger accommodations made frustration the order of the day.

Oh well, there's always 2012!

Stay tuned . . . I'll blog from the road as I make my way back to Denver.

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