September 15, 2008

Colorado Rockstar: Sarah Palin JeffCo Rally Photos And Recap

Standing room only--scores of supporters donning their hockey
jerseys--the Westernaires Arena filled with an enthusiastic crowd.

Photos to follow . . .

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The Daily Blogster was also there this morning, with pics and a recap of the Palin speech.

Gateway Pundit has an MSM roundup
, including words from the opposition.

All in all, a solid post-convention stump speech, delayed for a few minutes while President Bush addressed the financial crisis on Wall Street.

It is clear that Palin's draw isn't the policy positions staked out in the speech itself, though they are not throw-away lines either. Palin discussed the need for reform and oversight in the financial sector, the inseparability of energy independence from our foreign policy and the imperative to produce our own energy here, and the "walking the walk" of actually doing the hard work. About her running mate Sen. John McCain, Palin spoke effusively about the only man in the race who "actually fought for you."

But in the end the rally really exhibited the incredible magnetism of the candidate herself, who struck a chord in the center-right/GOP, especially right-leaning women, in a way unmatched by any recent Republican candidate, and overshadowed only by Barack Obama's similar adulation, though in less-than-messianic terms. Palin is a Mom--like the many Moms in the crowd--and the "hockey mom"/lipstick/small business owner experience was indeed a change from the career politician/lawyer/haughty elitism that permeates the Democrat ticket.

Palin is a political rockstar seeking the support of voters in an effort to turn the tide on liberal-creep that has put Jefferson County not only in the national spotlight as the county that could decide Colorado and ultimately the entire national race, but reclaim some of the faltering GOP brand in the suburbs of areas like Denver that were once GOP strongholds and rebuild the grassroots ground game that has been damaged (rightly or wrongly) by the Bush administration since 2004.

Judging by her reception at JeffCo Fairgrounds, the enthusiasm necessary for proper volunteer recruitment and voter engagement has hit a fever pitch in Colorado, something unthinkable just three weeks ago during the Democratic National Convention. Palin's selection the day following Obama's coronation at Invesco Field changed the dynamic of the ground game here in Colorado, and will make this swing-state an even more sought-after prize.

It was really, really early.

The line snaked around the parking lot, with hundreds outside the Westernaire Arena before the doors opened at 7am.

Buttons, get your buttons!

Security was tight, though certainly nothing like the DNC (Secret Service? Yes. Riot gear? No.)

The teleprompters were covered in anticipation of Sarah Palin's speech.

A continued theme of the McCain-Palin campaign--"Country First."

Talk radio show host Dan Caplis kept the crowd going while Sarah Palin made her way to the JeffCo Fairgrounds.

The enthusiasm was palpable.

Easily the best sign of the day.

Women held their lipstick up and waved it like lighters at a rock concert--Palin was a rockstar for the eager crowd.

Former Governor Bill Owens gave a brief introduction, nearly inaudible due to the roar of the crowd.

A pitbull with lipstick!

"Real change."

Not a "Washington insider."

Palin was clearly caught up with raucous reception--"thanks Colorado!"

Palin greets the crowd after her speech.

"First Dude" Todd Palin.

The MSM photographers couldn't get enough of Palin-mania either.

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