September 18, 2008

BDS-Suffering Metro State Instructor Andrew Hallam Assigns Essay Criticising Sarah Palin

**Update 2--shocker: Metro State instructor staying silent

**Update--Metro students discuss the Palin-basing assignment with talk radio show host Mike Rosen

"Bush-bashing is one of my favorite things to do"--Metro State instructor Andrew Hallam

2000-2008: Bush Derangement Syndrome.
August 2008-?: Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Another lefty professor from the Ward Churchill school of biased teaching has earned the coveted media attention desired by so many on the left in their quest for self-promotion and "raising awareness" of their political philosophies (video):
Metro State College is investigating a professor who asked students to write an essay critical of Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin. One student said the instructor singled out Republican students in the class and allowed others to ridicule them.

"I was shocked, I was holy cow, this is just an open door for him to discuss politics with us," said Jana Barber, a student in the class.

Barber shared the first class assignment with CBS4. Instructor Andrew Hallam asked students to write an essay to contradict what he called the 'fairy tale image of Palin' presented at the Republican National Convention.

"What the faculty's responsibility is to provide opportunity for critical thinking and civic engagement so bringing something of relevancy into the classroom was the faculty's goal," said Cathy Lucas, spokeswoman for Metro State. "Should he have broadened it and included all the political figures, yes."

Metro State officials are investigating claims of bias, harassment and bullying.

Hallam declined an interview with CBS4. He has revised the assignment.

Students may now write about any of the candidates.
The Daily Blogster has the earlier known details of the story, that detail the explicit bias of the class atmosphere promoted by the instructor, including the implicit approval of harassment of self-identified conservative/Republican students in the class by their fellow students:
Matt Barber told WND his sister is one of five students who have been belittled by the teacher, and "bullied and harassed" by other students "because they support McCain-Palin."

The students had documented a series of incidents in which Hallam reportedly told his class, "Bush-bashing is one of my favorite things to do."

In another class, the students report, Hallam said he loved swearing and the f-word was his favorite word.

"He used the f-word a few more times that day," they reported.

When Hallam handed out the Palin writing assignment, the students reported "he said he would give the Republicans a chance to speak about it and asked who in the class was a Republican. Five of us raised our hands. When we did, [one other student] … said 'F*** you!' Mr. Hallam did nothing about this. At the end of the class period, after a lot of the Republicans had voiced their side of the issue, another kid said, 'They're full of s***, but we let them talk anyway.'"
The students are in the process of filing the necessary complaints.

Drunkablog makes the necessary and inevitable comparison to another local teacher with a bias problem--Jay Bennish.

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