July 28, 2006

CNN Video Glorifies Cuba, "Lure Of Revolution And It's Heroes"

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Instead of critically approaching the matter of U.S. citizens flouting travel prohibitions to Cuba--examining the reasoning behind them, for example--CNN's Morgan Neill instead focuses on the good-natured intentions behind the communist apparatchiks drawn to Cuba, Castro and Che's communist dictatorship paradise.

The useful idiots challenging "unjust laws", part of the Venceremos Brigade, want to see the country destroyed created by "El Comandante" (Neill fawns over that title) Castro and pals, and "learn from a very live revolution" in Cuba. Too bad they weren't around when the real lessons of a Communist revolution took place--incarcerations, executions--or when those currently undertaken--imprisonment, reeducation--are not offered as a part of the tour package.

Cuba--a "one-of-a-kind mix of Communism and defiance", what with its "lure of revolution and it's heroes."

Only from CNN, the Communist apologist News Network.

Expose the Left--Castro Out Of Commission For At Least Two Months, Dying?


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