July 28, 2006

Signs Campaign Season Has Begun

And whadya know, the first reports of campaign shenanigans--stealing/defacing signs, other criminal mischief toward candidates (breaking things)--have been reported, and it has become apparent that the unhinged left targets even candidates for county commissioner:
An Arapahoe County man found a bird's head on his porch Wednesday. Some might think an animal left it there, but Greg McKnight thinks otherwise.

McKnight is one of three Republicans running for District 2 County Commissioner in Arapahoe County, and this is not the first suspicious event he has seen in recent days, he said.

On Thursday, someone let the air out of a neighbor's car tires while it was parked in front of McKnight's house.

A few days ago, several of Mc- Knight's campaign signs were cut in half and someone shattered his front yard light.

McKnight said he is surprised by the acts and has reported them to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.

"I would have chalked it up to vandalism, but signs in my yard have been disturbed twice," McKnight said. "It's political shenanigans by one of my opponents."

McKnight is not the only victim in this primary race.

Incumbent County Commissioner Bernard Zimmer has seen about 300 of his yard signs disappear, he said.

"The sign gremlins seem to be eating my signs," Zimmer said. "If I catch someone stealing my signs or someone else's, I will prosecute."

Unlike McKnight, Zimmer said he is not going to "point fingers," but both said they would like it to stop.

"We're better than this," Zimmer said.
The bird's head may just be detritus brought by the neighborhood feline, but the defacement and stealing of campaigns signs, especially those of Republicans, is not uncommon, as is the breaking of property.

With the primary around the corner, it is clear that despite the current heat, the campaign season is here--just look at all the campaign ads popping up on TV.


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