July 27, 2006

Anti-War Protestors Prove Stupidity, Uselessness

Protesters hold a "No Blood for Oil" banner outside the Jefferson County Court on July 26, 2006. (Post / Daniel Zollinger)
Five of 12 anti-war protesters convicted of blocking access to a Lakewood military recruiting office today chose jail over community service as their sentences.

Three of the "No Blood for Oil 12" were handcuffed and led off to serve their 10-day jail sentences, with two vowing to fast as long as they could.

Drew Edmondson, 56, wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt, flashed a two-fingered peace sign despite his handcuffs. He told the court that every effort was made at the June 5 trial "to make it not political," leaving proceedings to deal with "two little misdemeanors."

All 12 were found guilty of obstructing a passageway and trespassing.
With some choosing jail over community service (why help the community when you can sit smugly in jail and earn street cred as a jailbird?) and vowing to fast as long as they can, let us hope that their cellmates are fellow travelers, and that their food deprivation won't turn out like this:


Blogger R2K said...


Thu Jul 27, 01:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Drew Edmondson..one of the morons...I was released early this a.m. I had announced when sentenced that i would fast and did the whole time in support for military currently in the brig, await court martial, or are AOWL because they believe Iraq invasion and occupation is illegal...If you believe Iraq is doing well and not illegal and believe that those who visibly oppose are morons then you are right..but if you believe that Iraq is a disaster, what are YOU doing to voice your opposition...and anyone who thinks that being in jail is easier(better) than not being in jail..well has never been to jail...Peace/Dance/Defy...Drew

Wed Aug 02, 03:31:00 AM  

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