July 25, 2006

Sheehan's Disproportionate Response

Mama Moonbat "Mother Sheehan" bemoan's Israel's self-defense, wails about "innocent civilians", and condemns "voracious war profiteers" in Michael Moore's current "must read":
I have been in such a blue funk of depression and worry since Israel's over-reaction -- or "over action" in Lebanon in what seems to be insanity escalating out of control. What our media and some world leaders seem to expediently forget is that Israel massacred an entire family on a beach in Lebanon with a rocket and kidnapped two Palestinian citizens before Hezbollah and Hamas kidnapped some Israeli soldiers. Who started the cycle of violence in those countries? Who knows? Who cares! The important question is: who is going to be the courageous one(s) with integrity, wisdom and compassion that is going to at long last stop the absurdity?

As hard as I may try, I cannot wrap my mind around the fanatical rhetoric coming out of DC and from all over the world and the mindless and seemingly overwhelming support of Israel's right to "defend itself." What Israel is doing in Lebanon by killing hundreds of innocent civilians in a relatively short period of time is like the US defending itself from the tens of thousands of innocent babies, women and children in Iraq. It is morally reprehensible and just an extension of BushCo's campaign to enrich the voracious war profiteers.

I read yesterday that our State Department approved a new shipment of bombs and rockets to Israel. With the thousands upon thousands of US made bombs and rockets being dropped on Lebanon by the IDF it makes one wonder if the expiration dates on the bombs were nearing and the war machine needed to sell and ship more bombs so that the CEO's could fill their Hummers, limos, and jets with gas. Naively, I always presumed that the State Department was there to prevent the use of military force not support it by authorizing more weapons for more efficient killing! Don't we have a War Department for more killing? I feel like I am living in Bizarro World.
No comment on the last line, other than to point out it is perhaps the only bit of truth in the whole piece.

So, according to Sheehan:
1--Israel has no right to self-defense, if people might be killed.
2--Israel and the United States only target women and children.
3--This whole ordeal is really the work of "BushCo" and "war profiteers", no doubt for oil.
4--That the United States has no right or obligation to help its allies by providing them with supplies.
5--That Israel and the United States are responsible for the current crisis, and therefore have the responsibility to end it. Hezbollah, apparently, has no such obligation.

Sheehan ends with more "moral equivalency":
I recognize Israel's right to defend itself as I recognize the US's right to defend ourselves as I recognize Lebanon's and Iraq's right to defend themselves -- but I do not, cannot, and will not recognize anyone's right to commit wholesale slaughter on babies and children. I refuse to recognize that right no matter who does it -- terrorists or state-sanctioned wars of terror -- I refuse to recognize the right to slaughter and, whether it makes a difference, or not, I refuse to be silent about it.

It must stop: For my children, your children and their children.

They are all our children.
Like your fellow leftists, "you are all Hezbollah", giving sanction to terrorism in the name of "freedom fighters" (like your host Michael Moore) against evil Zionist oppression.


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Anonymous NotaSlickFan said...

Cindy 'Purple Sky World' Sheehan could NOT possibly have written this piece (of s..t) by herself. She hasn't got the brains of an ice cube and could not have formed such sentences without the help of Kossacks or other extreme lefty loons. Granted, the looney conclusion ("bizarro world") and a few other weird comments are probably her (thoughts?) but... From the overall lunacy of this rant I am sure she put in her 1/2 cent (two cents are beyond her vacuous mind).She should move to Venezuela (renounce her U.S. citizenship) as she said she'd prefer to live under Chavez's rule than OUR President. Let her see what a dictator really is all about. She would be used as the 'useful fool' she is, and then summarily dumped into the trash-heap with the rest of Chavez's citizens. As you said, "moron", and she deserves no other moniker.

Tue Jul 25, 09:23:00 PM  
Anonymous eowyn said...

I'm confused, when did Lebanon and Hezbollah become interchangable? Pink is just a more feminine shade of Red. Cindy should also ask her Code Pink leader about the statement signed in Palestine stating that the Jews have no right to Israel. Ever.

Wed Jul 26, 09:39:00 AM  

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