July 24, 2006

DLC "Moderates" Offer Vision, Moonbats Protest

The "moderate" Democrats of the Democratic Leadership Council are in Denver to promote a broad agenda that party hardliners probably won't like:
DENVER (AP) - Moderate Democrats think they have the key to winning back power in Washington and across the country -- a package of economic proposals aimed at giving every American a shot at reaching the middle class.

"We thought it was important and necessary to rekindle the American dream," said Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa, a potential 2008 presidential candidate and the chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, a centrist think tank.

. . .

The centrist organization, best known for helping Bill Clinton secure the White House in 1992, was to unveil Monday its "American Dream Initiative," which lays out policies on education, health care, retirement and income.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, who led the yearlong effort and also may run for president, will outline the specific proposals in a speech to nearly 400 local elected Democratic officials from more than 40 states attending the organization's annual meeting in Republican-leaning Colorado.

The site underscores the organization's contention that the party must broaden its appeal and reach out to voters in rapidly growing areas of the country if it wants to win control of Congress this fall and the White House in 2008.

. . .

The DLC's effort to create an economic agenda began a year ago, when Vilsack asked Clinton to lead the charge and solicit ideas from political, business, labor, civic and intellectual leaders across the country.

The result is what Al From, the founder of the organization, called "a set of ideas around which Democrats of all stripes can rally as we head into the fall election."

Still, he and other moderates are under no illusions that every part of the party, liberals in particular, will embrace the agenda. Said From, "My guess is that there are some people who will not be happy with the ideas."
Ya think?

So, how many times does the AP writer need to go through the pains of reiterating that the DLC is a "moderate" and "centrist" organization? By the looks of those protesting, the DLC is still on the left, just not as far out in left field (h/t Gateway Pundit):
"DLC, where you been? You're acting like Republicans!" the demonstrators chanted.

Most protesters expressed opposition to the war in Iraq. Some criticized Israel's ongoing military campaign against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. "DLC \ Genocide, DLC Hates Most Semites," one sign said.

Mrs. Clinton was singled out for particular disdain for her support of Israel in the current fighting.

One protester carried a sign that said, "Hey Hillary, It Takes a Village to Resist Imperialism."

"I believe she is acting like Israel's bitch," a public relations consultant from Boulder, Colo., Linda Mamoun, 36, said."She's not at all thinking about what's right but about how she can get the most votes."


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