July 19, 2006

Election Fraud Alert--Denver To Change Voting Machines

First, cue the inevitable "every vote counts"/"voter fraud" criticism from the Left (video):
Jenny Rose Flanagan is with a watchdog group called Colorado Common Cause. "I think there are inherent problems with the new machines, in terms of security and testing and those kinds of certification procedures along the way that have been raised in other states," she said.

"The truth is, this is the first time we'll be using them in Denver, so until we see those post election audits and prove these elections are done accurately, there are questions about these machines and their capabilities," said Flanagan.

Flanagan says the machines could be better and have a higher level of security.

"It's been argued that our standards for our gambling equipment in Las Vegas had a higher standard of testing than these electronic voting machines," she said. "We need to raise the bar and do a better job in creating these machines and making sure they meet the security concerns to protect our most fundamental right to vote."
The background:
The concept of precincts in Denver is a thing of the past, instead 47 vote centers will be available, allowing anyone to vote anywhere in the city.

"It will be easier," said Alton Dillard, Denver Election Commission Communications Director, "and also a little more convenient."

"As long as you have your photo ID, that you are a registered Denver voter, you go in and cast your vote," says Dillard.
In addition, the new machines that will be unveiled will provide ATM style voter receipts to verify votes.

The biggest thing to think about would be the degree to which those examining Colorado IDs perform their task without being accused of possibly hassling suspicious voters--potentially fraudulent IDs--or even worse, being accused of racism.

As described here, implementing voter ID checks has riased the hackles of the Left as a "poll tax" (charging for IDs requires money), or soft racism that unduly burdens "disadvantaged groups"--which in Liberal-speak includes minorities and illegal immigrants.

It should be no burden to require a state-issued ID card from any person over 18, who is a legal resident of that state. The left will argue that besides discrimination, these onerous requirements place an insurmountable obstacle to the right to vote. In other words, let all who want to vote. . .with or without ID. It would be harder to buy liquor in most parts if that were the case. . .

So essentially, unless the individual election monitor is diligent, just about anything might pass. The other problem, is that traditional precincts tended to have the same people running it, so a certain amount of familiarity was built into the system. With "open" voting like this, there will be none of this, and the potential for fraud through fake IDs or lax inspections might become a more worrisome possibility than voting manipulation that the GOP has been charged with in the past 3 elections.


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