July 17, 2006

Anti-Bush Vandal Pleads Guilty

Vandalism, yet another method of lefty debate--from an Air Force Lt. Col. no less:
DENVER (AP) - An Air Force officer with hundreds of hours of combat time pleaded guilty Friday to defacing cars with bumper stickers supporting President Bush.

Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau, a decorated officer who flew 500 combat hours in the Gulf War, Kosovo and Bosnia, pleaded guilty to felony mischief and must pay restitution to the owners of the damaged cars.

. . .

Fecteau originally faced 13 charges for defacing vehicles at the Denver airport between January and July 2005. Fecteau admitted to investigators he had vandalized cars starting around the time of the November 2004 election, but pleaded guilty to a single charge of criminal mischief that named all 13 victims.

Fecteau blacked out pro-Bush bumper stickers and then spray-painted an expletive over them.
More on the feckless Fecteau at Gateway Pundit, who has a few good lefty quotes on the Air Force artiste.


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