July 26, 2006

Gun Control An Issue In 7th Congressional District?

Only in the Democratic primary--the issue has been a political loser for years, despite advocate Tom Mauser's best efforts:
Tom Mauser, the father of a Columbine victim, became involved in Colorado's 7th Congressional District race Monday, criticizing one Democratic candidate for a position she says she doesn't believe.

Mauser's son, Daniel, was killed in the 1999 Columbine High School shootings. Since then, Mauser has become a gun control advocate.

Mauser said he was asked by a number of 7th District residents about his position on the Democratic primary candidates as it relates to gun control.

He called Ed Perlmutter who said he supported re-instating the assault weapons ban Congress recently let expire and limiting the number of bullets in any ammunition clip.

Mauser called Peggy Lamm's campaign and was told she did not support either of those measures.

. . .

She and Mauser spoke by phone Monday afternoon to discuss the issue. She said while gun control was a "compelling issue," it was not one she heard as she went door to door in the 7th Congressional District.

"(Residents) really want to know about how they are going to get to work with $3 a gallon gas," Lamm said. "Whether they are going to be able to afford health care for their kids. Is somebody going to come up with an honest solution about immigration and is there some way we can get our soldiers home from Iraq. Those are the compelling issues people talk to me about all the time."
Though Lamm is probably on the wrong side of the issues she mentions, she at least correctly pinpointed the likely important issues in the November election, which won't include gun control--unless Perlmutter, if he wins, pushes it beyond the primary and makes it an issue.


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