July 27, 2006

Much Ado II: More "Offensive" Nudes In Loveland

Having already noted the outrage unfurling in Loveland over a proposed sculpture that exhibits three nude human figures, one might assume that as the community standards cited by those "offended" might indicate, nothing resembling this sort of public outrage--nude sculpture--could possibly exist elsewhere in the city, right?

Here is the proposed sculpture:

But what, mon dieu, is this?!?!?!?

Marianna Nelson, 71, and her husband, Bruce Nelson, 72, of San Benito, Texas, walk through the Benson Sculpture Garden behind one of the park's most controversial pieces titled "Spanish Daggers" in Loveland, Colo., on Wednesday July 26, 2006. The sculpture, created in 2001 by Jack Kreutzer, depicts a dancer on her tiptoes with her arms outstretched above her and wearing nothing but a hat. Ruth Scott with the Loveland High Plains Art Council said over the years people have covered the sculpture with everything from a long button-down shirt to a graduation gown and even a hula skirt to cover the dancer's nude body. Darin McGregor © News

Clearly there is no room for this sort of outrageous art in Loveland, as the Rev. Kevin Klug, pastor of Abiding Love Lutheran Church, said regarding the new sculpture:
"It's the graphic nature of it," he said. "It's more detailed than it needs to be. If you stood by the statue looking like that, something would happen to you."
Don't know what you are referring to reverend, but the sculpture does absolutely nothing for me.

But wait! There's more!

A boy rides his scooter past a sculpture by Denny Haskew titled "Moulding Our Future" in downtown Loveland. The piece is one of several sculptures that have created some controversy over the years because they depict nudity. Darin McGregor © News

What is going on in Loveland?!?!? I am offended at all the offensive images of nudity*, and am calling for Loveland residents to do more to purge these clearly offensive, degrading, outrageous sculptures from the environs of the decent city of Loveland. Depicting a mother caring for her child is also, apparently, not welcome here.

*Not really.

Thought that was all, didn't you?

A motorcycle rides past "Winning the Iron Shirt," a sculpture by Fritz White on Colo. 287 in Loveland. The sculpture got a reaction out of many community members when it was installed because some felt that the loincloth cover the warrior's backside did not cover enough cheek. Darin McGregor © News

Loveland is clearly suffering from an invasion of offensively nude sculptures, and now has the highest quotient of scantily clad bronzes anywhere in the godfearing state of Colorado!*
Of the 283 pieces of public art approved by the Visual Arts Commission, 171 are bronze statues, of which seven depict visibly nude figures.

The pending addition of Triangle by Kirsten Kokkin - it shows a nude man and a nude woman holding aloft a nude woman - would bring that number to eight.
*Complete conjecture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that some forget that the human body was created by God and is beautiful. I have yet to see any artwork in Loveland that I would be hesitant to let my children see. I feel lucky to live in a community that values art as a human expression, evoking emotions and discussion.

Tue Aug 01, 10:56:00 AM  

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