July 28, 2006

Lamm Calls On Minorities To Examine Work Ethics

The former governor of Colorado, not the Lamm running for the 7th CD seat (video):
Illegal immigration hurts the poorest Americans. That was the message former Gov. Dick Lamm delivered at the University Club in Denver Thursday.

Lamm, a democrat, also stood by his remarks that blacks and Hispanics need to take responsibility for what he called their "underperformance".

"I'm willing to say there is racism and discrimination," he said. "But to me it is not an adequate explanation for minority under-achievement and there needs to be a certain self-examination."

"One of the things is you've got to stop making every excuse and tell people they're not succeeding because they're victims," Lamm said.

Lamm said he understands why employers hire illegal immigrants, calling them good, hardworking people. But he said they hurt poor citizens by taking those jobs.
Those are the same kind of "tough love" words expressed by Bill Cosby, Ed.D., that fell on deaf ears a few years ago.

The former governor also offers his analysis of the different types of people that settled in areas south of the border versus those in the United States, words that would easily brand him a "racist" by the activist/minority community if he were a Republican or conservative:
Lamm also addressed what he believes are the differences in culture which led to the success of the United States while many of the nations south of the U.S. border struggle.

He said very different people settled those nations. "They came for God, gold and glory," he said.

"In the United States our forefathers and mothers came to plant crops and children and build a stable society."

Lamm said blacks and Hispanics need to embrace that philosophy in order to succeed. He again pointed to the success of Asian and Jewish Americans.

"Black and Hispanic students do half as much homework as Asian and Jewish students," he said. "And they get half as good grades."

"I do believe racism and discrimination exists," he said. "But it's not an adequate explanation for a 50% dropout rate when they have the ability to succeed largely within their own hands.

"If I could do anything ... to try to lovingly encourage the minority community to continue to fulfill the civil rights agenda," he said. "But also look at how other groups have succeeded in America."

"I do think America has to rediscover its work ethic," Lamm said.
So a lack of a proper founding motivation (why their ancestors came here, and what they were looking for), lack of work ethic (laziness?), and a willingness to hide behind excuses are hurting minorities, according to Lamm. Wow, just wait until the Colorado branch of the Daily Kostards or DUers find out about these statements. . .

And the criticism has begun:
State Rep. Terrance Carroll of Denver said people should talk about personal responsibility but he is offended by what he sees as the demonizing of groups of people.


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