July 31, 2006

CastroWatch--Cuba Libre?

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Developing. . .
HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) -- Cuban President Fidel Castro was undergoing intestinal surgery and provisionally handed over power in the Communist island nation to his younger brother Raul, according to a statement read on Cuban television Monday night.

Fidel Castro, 79, has led Cuba since a 1959 revolution. Raul Castro, 75, is the first vice president of the country, and as such, the designated successor to his brother.

Castro's secretary, Carlos Balenciago, read a letter he said was from the president in which he said stress had forced him into surgery and that he would be in bed for several weeks after the operation was complete. Castro turns 80 on August 13.

Raul Castro also assumes control over the armed forces and the leadership of the Communist Party, according to the statement.
Michelle Malkin and Babalu Blog will have updates as they come in.

It is being reported that after the surgery, fidel castro would be out of commission for two months. Anyone that has had an elderly family member in the hospital knows that their frailty can and does lead to complications. Again, let's all hope that the complications are many and their outcomes fatal.
From Castro's proclamation:
Since our country is threatened by the US Government under circumstances such as these, I have made the following decisions:

I provisionally delegate my functions as first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba to its second secretary, comrade Raul Castro Ruz.

I provisionally delegate my functions as commander in chief of the heroic Revolutionary Armed Forces to the aforementioned comrade, Army General Raul Castro.

I provisionally delegate my functions as president of the Council of State and Government of the Republic of Cuba to the first vice president, comrade Raul Castro Ruz.

. . .

Our glorious Communist Party, with the support of the mass organisations and all the people, has the mission of taking on the task given them in this proclamation.

. . .

It is my request that the party's Central Committee and the National Assembly of the People's Government firmly support this proclamation. I have not the slightest doubt that our people and our Revolution will fight until the last drop of blood to defend these and other ideas and measures that may be necessary to safeguard this historic process.

Imperialism will never be able to crush Cuba. The battle of ideas will continue.

Long live the fatherland.

Long live the Revolution.

Long live socialism.

Onward to victory forever.
Not much longer, Fidel.

It was not but a week ago that Castro himself noted he would not make it to 100.

Dancing in Miami.

CNN Video Glorifies Cuba, "Lure Of Revolution And It's Heroes"

Expose the Left--Castro Out Of Commission For At Least Two Months, Dying?


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