March 13, 2008

DNC "Green" Plan Unveiled; Climate Change Takes Another Hit

Drunkablog has an extensive roundup with all the necessary links--to the carbon footprint calculator, carbon advisor, and, of course, "tips."

New evidence doesn't support global warming or climate change fearmongering--Gateway Pundit has latest:
Satellite measurements available since 1979 show no warming in the southern hemisphere and the trend in the northern hemisphere appears to have waned since 2001.
Plus, Green Bay has record snowfall, there's so much snow in Quebec it has spurred "snow rage"--complete with guns and fists, and NOAA says that this was the coolest winter for the US and the world since 2001.

Then there's the snowpack--Colorado is doing quite well, as is the entire West, with almost all areas above 90% (green, blues, and purple--click to enlarge):

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