March 13, 2008

Adams County, CO School District Drops Letter Grades And Grade Levels, Replaced With "Skill Levels"

Um, ok, they will need to "master 10 skill levels" to graduate. What those "skill levels" are, or how they will be measured (graded?) isn't exactly clear (video):
One Colorado school district is going to shake things up by getting rid of grades.

The move includes traditional letter grades and grade levels.

The Adams County School District 50 school board approved a new system that lets students progress at their own pace.

Students will need to master 10 skill levels to graduate. They could end up graduating earlier, or later than fellow classmates. It just depends upon how long they need in order to master the skills.

District administrators says the new system will focus on students' competence, rather than achievement for grades.

There are other school districts across the country that have adopted this type of system.

The district says it will put an explainer on transcripts for students applying to college, since the students will not have grade point averages or class rankings.

The district plans to start the new system for kindergarten through eighth students in 2009 and high school students in 2010.
How much do you wanna bet the new curriculum includes "peace and conflict resolution" and other highly useful multi-culturalist PC "skills" over traditional subjects like history or science?

And how happy will colleges be, already buried by students in need of remedial education, when presented with yet more "skilled" students?

On a tip from Dave, who is seriously contemplating home schooling.

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