March 11, 2008

Tuesday Colorado Senate Update--U-Turn Udall Breaks Earmarks Pledge

Boy, that didn't last long:
U.S. Rep. Mark Udall on Monday wouldn't agree to extend to the Senate his promise of forgoing requests for special-project funding, or "earmarks," should he win the seat he's campaigning for in November.

"This is a one-year moratorium," Udall spokesman Tara Trujillo said.

A timeout is needed, she said, to review the practice.

"It's not that earmarks are bad, it's that the process for securing them is broken," Trujillo added. "He may go back to securing earmarks if some additional reforms are enacted and if we can make progress on reducing the federal deficit."
Why the flip-flopping?

If Udall wins in November, he will bank his first term and first reelection campaign in 2014 on the amount of "pork" he brings home. This phony 1-year moratorium is just a campaign ploy--and a cheap one at that.

As ToTheRight points out, "A person who thinks they’re bad for only one year, when previously he supported them and in the future he will support them, is a person who isn’t serious about earmark reform."


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