March 07, 2008

Violence At Denver's Democrat Convention If Clinton Beats Obama For Nomination?

We may not need the moonbats of Recreate '68! to recreate 1968 should the Democrats end up with a brokered convention that sees Hillary Clinton take the nomination with the help of those superdelegates--some are talking tough and threatening violence (HuffPo, via NRO's campaign spot):
If the Clintons push for the win in Denver, they're going to split the goddamn party down the middle. I read your chapter on 1968 Chicago, obviously. I'm of the generation who supports Obama. I know what we're like. Shit, I know what I'm like.

Rick, if the Machine tries to give the Clintons the victory at the convention, I swear to God, Chicago's going to look like a Sadie Hawkins dance. People my age are going to be throwing stones. We all have transportation -- cell phones -- disposable income -- the Internet -- free time -- and Seattle as our example. Part of me is scared of a riot. Part of me isn't. The nomination belongs to Obama. Do you think we're going to let the Democratic Leadership Council take it? "God gave Noah the rainbow sign. No more water, fire next time."
Internet braggadocio, or a real threat?

As Jim Geraghty points out, "This could just be more look-how-tough-I-sound boasting. On the other hand, after yesterday's Times Square bombing, and the reports that it was tied to rambling anti-war messages sent to members of Congress... maybe threats of violence ought to be taken more seriously."

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