March 07, 2008

Survey USA Colorado Poll--McCain Defeats Clinton, Loses To Obama

First poll numbers are in with John McCain officially the Republican nominee:
McCain 48-Clinton 42
Obama 50-McCain 41
A poll in February had similar results.

From SurveyUSA, the electoral college math--McCain loses to both Clinton and Obama in close elections:

McCain clearly has some work to do to get Republicans of all stripes back into his camp, or these forecasts will be considered optimistic by the time November rolls around.

McCain will drop into town on March 27th
Newly-minted Republican presidential nominee John McCain will be holding a fundraiser in Denver at the Denver Athletic Club on March 27th, 2008.
. . .
The event will be chaired by former Colorado Governor Bill Owens and almost former US Senator Wayne Allard.

The host committee includes Frances Owens, RNC Committee woman Lily Nunez, Senator Tom Wiens, Congressman Doug Lamborn, Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, congressional candidates Wil Armstrong and Bentley Rayburn and Pete Coors amongst others.

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