March 06, 2008

New Evidence Threatens MSM's "Cold Equals Weather, Heat Equals Climate" Rhetoric

Via Newsbusters:
One of the truly hysterical aspects of media's obvious discomforture are the press proclamations that seasonal temperatures are not an indicator of climate trends.

Comically, this is exactly what climate realists counter every time press representatives point to a heatwave or a hurricane as proof of anthropogenic global warming.
The impetus for this "weather is not climate" restatement is an EPW blog entry covered here last week.

Earlier "consensus" was that Colorado would suffer the effects of global warming climate change in the form of less snow (more rain due to warmer temperatures) and less precipitation overall (drought).

Now, record or near-record snowfall is simply a function of global warming climate change, because more heat means more moisture and therefore, more snow.

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