February 28, 2008

Recreate68's Moniker, DNC Plans Draw Moonbats, Derision From Fellow Liberals

"I can’t figure out why, for the life of me, that somebody would want to re-create ’68," she said. "Is it the riots or tear gas — or perhaps the assassinations? Or maybe the election of a Republican president? I’m not sure the name was completely thought out"--Denver Democrat Representative Diana DeGette

As Drunka notes, why only dudes? Isn't Recreate68! supposed to be diverse? The photoshop possibilities are endless . . .

Drunkablog wanders into the cesspool over at Recreate68! to find out a bit of their planned "actions" during August's Democrat National Convention--including Shake Your Money Maker:
It's time to redistribute the wealth. Between security and corporate pay-offs, the DNC will cost over 100 million dollars for a party. We think the people deserve that money. Join us as we encircle the Denver Mint (where U.S. currency is produced) and use our collective power to raise the mint building in the air and shake the money out of it for the people. Don't forget a sack to put all of your loot in. Bring noise makers, energy, spells, magic, costumes anything that gives you power, we will need it!
Other highlights include the sure-to-be-joyous (and not destructive--well, maybe not) "Festival of Democracy" and a daily themed "Days of Resistance":
During the Convention, there will be five major protest, one each day. Each protest will focus on a symptom of the disease of an Imperialist, Capitalist, Racist system as seen in our communities. Some of the proposed themes are as follows:

Sunday - End All Occupations at Home and Abroad
Monday - Human Rights/Free All Political Prisoners
Tuesday - No Warming
Wednesday - No Borders
Thursday - No Racism/Imperialism
Advanced bongo, chanting, and dressing for activist success sessions will immediately precede each day's festivities.

Drunkablog also notes that Recreate68! is finally garnering some attention from the MSM in the Beltway. Moonbat favorites including Medea Benjamin of Code Pink will be there:
Re-create ’68?

“What’s the political calculation that speaks to them of the wisdom of civil disobedience — which means a massive media spectacle — on the brink of a Democratic campaign that could plausibly put a Democrat in the White House who’s committed to withdrawal from Iraq?” asked Todd Gitlin, an anti-Vietnam War activist who was at the Democratic National Convention in 1968. “If the objective is to put a belligerent Republican in the White House, they should keep up the good work.”

The “belligerent Republican” of whom Gitlin speaks will almost certainly be Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who spent the summer of 1968 as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Organizers acknowledge that their “Re-create ’68” moniker has been met with skepticism as they’ve toured the country to gin up support among fellow activists. “A lot of people of course associate it with the DNC of ’68 and react negatively,” said organizer Mark Cohen. But the point, Cohen said, isn’t to reproduce the violence associated with the 1968 convention, just the strong sense of countercultural protest that coalesced against the Vietnam War. “We don’t call ourselves ‘Re-create Chicago ’68,’” Cohen offered.

Leslie Cagan, head of United for Peace and Justice, an anti-war group that has organized large marches in the past, said her group has endorsed the planned demonstrations in Denver.

Cynthia McKinney, a former Democratic congresswoman now running as a Green Party candidate for president, will be expressing herself at the demonstration, said organizers. They also plan to reach out to Ralph Nader, who is running as an independent, third-party candidate. The coalition is seeking the support of ANSWER, an anti-war organization with a more radical approach to street protest than UFPJ’s.

A major march against the war on the Sunday before the convention will be followed by a week of action, some of which will include nonviolent civil disobedience.
"Nonviolent" as in "breaking things, trashing the place, and generally acting like goons--but peacefully."


Other liberals aren't so keen either on Recreate68's moniker, including Denver Democrat Representative Diana DeGette:
Rep. Diana DeGette, a Democrat who represents Denver, was only 11 in 1968, but she said that she’s flummoxed by the notion that anyone would want to re-create the dark days of that year. “I can’t figure out why, for the life of me, that somebody would want to re-create ’68,” she said. “Is it the riots or tear gas — or perhaps the assassinations? Or maybe the election of a Republican president? I’m not sure the name was completely thought out.”

DeGette added, however, that her husband is a top official at the American Civil Liberties Union and that she is pushing for the demonstrators to have a “robust right” to speak their minds.

Gitlin, a former president of Students for a Democratic Society, fears that the protests in Denver will be too much about people speaking their minds and not enough about obtaining the results that they want.

“In the ’60s,” he said, “there were competing strains: the desire for results and the desire for self-expression. This seems to belong squarely in the self-expression camp.”

Gitlin said that trying to re-create the feeling of another era “makes about as much sense as throwing a costume party. It’s absurd to think you can re-create the culture of a moment. History is a succession of irreproducible moments.
You can't recreate the moment--but the moonbat stupidity is eternal.

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