March 08, 2008

Colorado Weekend News Roundup--030808

What a kick--Rep. Douglas Bruce's prospective primary opponent picks up endorsements, plans to raise $50000 to unseat the unpopular legislator, and then proceeds to win top-line designation on August's primary ballot, 57-43%, in the El Paso County General Assembly.

Just in time for the Democrat National Convention--ACLU lawsuit changes rules for rallies and protests at the Colorado state Capitol.

Speaking of the DNC--The City of Denver and Mayor "Teflon" John Hickenlooper plan "democracy" film contest--"cinemocracy"--in honor of the Democrats' August convention and for those who aren't able to get into the Pepsi Center. Also coming will be "Dialogue City," "a participatory arts festival to bring people downtown."

DIA Wi-Fi keeps lid on "provocative" content--and by provocative we mean almost everything, including the magazines available from the airport vendors.

Outgoing CU President Hank Brown points out the painfully--yet understatedly--obvious: CU perceived as aloof by Colorado residents, with a tendency toward looking "inwardly".

Despite being the GOP nominee and gaining the endorsement of Colorado's Republican heavyweights, John McCain will have an uphill battle convincing some Colorado conservatives not to sit on their hands come November.

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