March 13, 2008

Denver's Moonbat DNC "Cinemocracy" Film Entries Funded By Taxpayers; Crowds At Denver's DNC Raise Residents' Concerns

Drunkablog pointed directed me to a roundup of the horrendous anti-war, BDS, and moonbat infested "Cinemocracy" videos created for Denver's DNC film competition, whose theme is the question, "how do you define democracy?" Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper even kicked off the competition with a video of his own.

Here is one particularly moonbattish entry--as Drunka describes him--"A rapper who calls the Founding Fathers "terrorists" and wonders how long the "empire" can last" ("Checks and Balances"):

Here's the project's mission, brought to you by taxpayer funds, no less (Denver's Office of Cultural Affairs is a sponsor):
During a year of monumental change, the Denver Film Society and Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, invite you to share your definition of democracy. By giving you an outlet for your voice, we hope to come closer to our own definition of democracy!
Then there is the completely irrational "so were you", with children covered in blood, thanking God for turning their "plowshares into swords":

Drunkablog has more, including the city of Denver's press release.

Denver's Downtown residents will be even more concerned about their safety and their property once they get wind of the potential for violence in addition to the extremely large crowds:
When the Democratic National Convention comes to town later this summer, there will likely be more problems than your average convention.

The convention, scheduled for Aug. 25 - 28, promises to create headaches for those living downtown.

Thousands live downtown, and several thousand more will be coming downtown during the last week of August. There will be road blocks, Secret Service and protests and residents said now is the time to develop a plan ensuring they can get to and from home safely.
. . .
"But there's one piece that seems to missing and that's kind of this question about security for the residents and access," said Maslanik.

And with a red-hot race and the possibility of a brokered convention, downtown residents want a plan in place ensuring residential access and safety sooner rather than later.
. . .
The Colorado Rockies' recent run to the World Series brought hundreds of thousands to LoDo, numbers that could possibly pale in comparison to this summer's DNC.

The DDRO is planning a meeting in April with police and other community leaders.
The police have been meeting with the protest planners for over a year. Nice to see them finally pay attention to the residents who may suffer the costs of large crowds and vandalism/violence.

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