April 18, 2007

After The VT Massacre: Gun Control?--Update: Penn & Teller's "Bullshit"

Roger Fraley of XDA fisks an editorial from The Times of London that suggests "America’s deep-rooted and sometimes lethal commitment to its own freedoms" leads to the type of gun violence seen at VT. Money quote:
Don't tread on me. ...cold, dead hands. Lethal commitment to Freedom. All good thoughts.
Other European MSM highlighted America's pervasive gun culture, a violent society, the Iraq War, and even Charlton Heston as explanations for the outburst at VT. Our Constitution and the pesky rights afforded American citizens and their reluctance to cede them to an ever-burgeoning Federal Government was a recurring theme.

Perhaps the Europeans are jealous--jealous of our enshrined freedoms and of our ability to maintain a desire to keep them in the face of ridiculous calls for emotional, knee-jerk reactions to an isolated but tragic event. In similar situations, Europeans permanently surrendered their freedoms for a little temporary safety. We all know how Benjamin Franklin felt about that equation.

Liberal Denver blogger Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft calls gun control a "non-cure" and says what every gun-rights and 2nd Amendment advocate said right after Columbine:
Guns effected, but did not cause the killings. They were the means by which an unbalanced, disturbed individual carried out his rage.
For the time being, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid opposes a "rush to judgment" in introducing new gun control legislation--noting that the time for such measures may come down the road, even though the issue has been a loser for Democrats for nearly a decade.

Local gun rights organizations showed up to protest GOP Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's visit to Denver, only to have it cancelled at the last moment due to the events at VT.

Penn & Teller's "Bullshit" offers their take on gun control
. (obviously, NSFW)

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